Thursday, March 09, 2006

Soap Releases for April

We've got a few batches on the curing racks right now. Here's a breakdown on our soap releases and restocks for April.

April 1st:
Blackberry Apple Sorbet
Lime Margarita (Deli Soap)

April 15th:
Celestial Sun
Smores (Deli Soap)

April 24th:
Cocoa Coconut (pictured above)
Summer Fling
Little Shop in Salem

They'll be some addtional releases towards the end of the month, so keep your eye on this post as it'll be updated as soon as the release dates are confirmed.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What's new at Wylde Ivy!

Things have been quiet on the blog front lately. Orders are finally caught up and things are running smoothly since the reopening. Thank to everyone for your support and patronage!

The photo above is of me holding one of the big blocks of freshly made Smores soap (which will be finished curing April 1st!). One of these blocks like shown weights in at 15 pounds and will be cut into 40 bars of soap.

So, what’s new and upcoming at Wylde Ivy?

We’re beginning to make and restock your old summer favorites like Cucumber Chamomile and Blackberry Apple Sorbet, while some other summer soaps are getting facelifts like Crazy Cabana and Petals. We also have our very popular Deli Soaps like Smores and Lime Margarita made and curing nicely waiting for their April 1st ready date.

Well, I’ve personally been working on some brand new soap scents for the summer….tropical, fruity, soft florals, and more! Many, many scents have been tested…which means out of every 25 or so that are tested, maybe 1 or 2 fragrances makes the cut. I am extremely picky when it comes to choosing the scents will be put into production. We may not come out with dozens of new scents each season, but my strict testing ensure the scents we release are super!

I’ll let a little info slip regarding some of the soaps we’re working on. I’ve tested Beachin Berries and Sandcastles in soap. Now the test bars still have some more time to cure until the final decision is made so these scent won’t be set in stone. Let me tell you, Beachin Berries is pure summer in a bar! Sandcastles…found in our Aroma Melts…is just as sophisticated and breezy smelling as the Melt you’ve come to love! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these two scents stand the test of time and are able to be put into production.

I’ve also been testing new scents for our Deli Soap line. It has been awhile since we had any new major additions to that soap line. We have some really funky and fun scent combos in mind! We also have the wheels turning on a new line of soaps we’ve been thinking of doing. If all goes as planned, you may see a new line of soaps in the near future for Wylde Ivy…think juicy, ripe fruit blends that are “Smoothie” worthy!
As you can tell, we’ll really be spending the time creating new soaps to add to our line. Since the approaching summer months mean products like our Scrubs, True Butters, and Zoft conditioners will not ship well in the extreme heat, we’ll be turning our full attention to creating great new products.