Saturday, June 27, 2020

The Watercolor Collection

A collection inspired by color and my love for art.  What inspires you?

 Five luscious richly saturated fragrances that celebrate the beauty of color.  Welcome back two past favorites, Pink Amber Sunset and Ombre in Blue, the two fragrances that this collection was built around.  Whether is is the warm, soft tropical notes of Pink Amber Sunset or the cool, subdued tones of Ombre in Blue, these are such amazing, unique fragrances that just seem like the perfect fragrances for colors.  I added three brand new fragrances to finish up this collection.  Jasmine Sun, is in my opinion the one of the most wonder jasmine fragrances with its highlighting notes of lemon and sweet raspberry sugar.  Pink Vanilla Blush is a fun, innocent, and playful vanilla fragrance and finally Shades of Rain with a mysterious fresh modern tone of rain, moss, and sweet water.

Shades of Rain Perfume The Watercolor Collection by Wylde Ivy
Shades of Rain

The Scent
The sweet fresh ozone fragrance of water and emerald green moss kissed by white bergamot, raspberry leaf, jasmine, and aloe water.

The Story
She preferred the rain.  She longed to linger in it's cool solitude. How she loved the way the sweet water dropped down from the rain heavy leaves, smacking and pattering the ground and throwing off tiny drops that sparkled like thrown jewels among the white flowers.  The drowned sound and accented the fragrances and all around her the ordinary colors were painted in the shades of rain.

Pink Vanilla Blush Perfume The Watercolor Collection by Wylde Ivy

The Scent
Clean, sweet, and innocently alluring.  White vanilla with a blush of wild strawberry, violet jelly, and sparkling citron.
 The Story
She plucked at the memories as her mind conjured them...the rolling sweet grass meadows dotted with wildflowers, the distant peal of joyous laughing, the warm caress of the hazy summer sun, the impossibly heavy looking cotton candy clouds strung motionless in a blue sky, his smile...always his smile.  She called the memories and as they came the colors flowed from her, her brush, to the paper in the palest of pink at first than deeper, richer and then finally all of the colors came in a wash of beauty, happiness, and surrender.

Pink Amber Sunset Perfume The Watercolor Collection by Wylde Ivy

The Scent
Warm, delicate, and inviting. A pink sand beach awash with the rich pink tinged light of the setting sun. Demure white amber crystals, creamy fresh coconut, light vanilla cream, and a hint of pink hibiscus, starfruit, and warm sugar musk.
The Story
Forgotten, dusty, and sad, it sat in the corner of a lonely stall at the antique shop where she found herself inexplicably drawn to it. An unassuming beach scene, just a small stretch of sand, water, and tropical trees washed in the pink and orange tinge of the setting sun.  It was a simple and almost plain painting and yet there was something about it that called to her.  She moved closer and the details were amazing.   The water almost glistened, the leaves almost swayed, it was as if she could feel the warmth of the sand and smell the sweet tropical air.  Mesmerized, she reached out and instead of brushing a paint coated canvas, her fingers seemed to slide right out of sight.  She felt a sway and a pull and then opened her eyes to the impossible.

Ombre in Blue Perfume by Wylde Ivy Watercolor Collection

The Scent
Cool and mysterious, sweet vanilla heliotrope and delicate jasmine immersed in tonka bean, fresh bergamot, mandarin peel, and all spun with a wash of blue sugar musk.
The Story
She could always see magic.  Long before she even knew what it was, she a could see shades of blue in unexpected places.  Azure sparkled around a genuine smiles.  A mothers love was always surround by a haze of shimmering lapis.  Secrets were  cloaked in indigo.   Once, without thinking, she reached out to touch a particularly beautiful teal swirling around a child who was completely engrossed in an old dogeared book.  The instant her finger made contact with the color, the blue broke over her hand, spilling down her arm like a overflowing glass of water.   Soon she found that she could collect the magic. She could collect blue.  From that day on she borrowed hues of blue and gave away magic wherever she went.

Jasmine Sun Perfume by Wylde Ivy

 The Scent
Sweet, rich, and intoxicating jasmine with a sunny twist.  Demure jasmine petals with a sparkling touch of raspberry soaked lemon zest.

The Story
...and they sat, with their backs together relaxed into one another as they had not done since they were small girls.  Chins upturned to the summer sky, the east wind perfumed with sun warmed jasmine swirling around them.  Breathing out together, it began to happen.

The Watercolor Collection Perfume Sample Gift Set by Wylde Ivy
 The Watercolor Collection Sampler Giftset

The perfect way to give the gift of Wylde Ivy fragrances to a friend, a loved one, or even yourself! All five of the newest Watercolor Collection fragrances are wrapped in waxed tissue paper and nestled inside to an aluminum tin. Five cards are included that highlight each of the fragrance's notes for your (or your gift recipient's) reference.
This sample set makes a beautiful and unique gift!