Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hello and Goodbye

The fist wave of Wylde Ivy’s Fall and Winter Collection will hit the shop the first week of September.  Due to the flood cleanup and rebuilding, I am behind schedule for my fall release.  I will be doing several small releases this year to keep things moving.  Follow me on Facebook or Instagram or sign up for my newsletter to  get all the news!
Returning favorites include:
Amber & Spice
Autumn Twilight
Black Blossom Honey
Caramel Darling
Cedar Lane
Dark November
One Thousand Lights
Rare Moon
Roan Apple
Stolen One
...and more to come!

As we welcome the new season, we must say goodbye (just for now) to all the delights of spring and summer.  The following fragrances will retire on September 15th:
Beach Drift
Berry & Blossom
Coconut Confection
Dragonfly Blue
Driftwood & Coconut
In the Dunes
Lavender Berry
Ombre in Blue
Paradise Rose
Pearl Dust
Pink Amber Sunset
Pink Willow
Salt and Drift
Sea Glass & Linen
She Sells Sea Shells
Tahiti Spring

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Here we go again...Wylde Ivy Closed Due to Flooding

Those who have been with me a long time might remember the flood in 2006 that destroyed my workshop.  We learned so much from that experience, we made plans, we were prepared.  We always watched rainfall totals and river levels, we always organized and prepared for a quick clean out and evacuation of the workshops.  We always knew to take action long before the situation got dire.  We've had some minor flooding annoyances since 2006, nothing even really to pause my business more than a couple of days.

Well, we just experienced something we never even thought of....a flash flood.  Unprecedented rainfall north of us came slamming into our workshops Monday.  We were just shy of four feet of water this time...half of 2006.  The only difference this time was that we had less than an hour from the time we got the alert to having the carry our kids and dog out on our backs.  Both my husband and I were able to get the important items moved from our workshops.  I never moved so fast in my life and my daughters were such a huge and amazing help.  I'm happy to learn that they are calm and focused during a disaster situation....though they still were much more delighted to see the river running down our street than we were.  They meet everything they see with the glittering eyes and adventurous wonder of childhood...for which I am grateful.

The water has already receded and we are in the process of removing walls and cleaning.  I will be closed for the next few days.  We were only home from vacation one day when the flooding hit (thankfully we were home!).  Yesterday was to be my first day back to work after my vacation.  I still have outstanding orders that I will fill as soon as possible.  Everyone with a pending order has been contacted.   

Thank you all for your patience!