Monday, June 23, 2014

Back and Gone Again

It seems like I just got back in the shop after my last minute trip two weeks ago and now I'm prepping to be closed down again.  I'll be out of the office from June 27 - July 7th.  I promised some goodies upon my return from my last closure, but I needed just a little bit more time to pull everything together.  So, be sure to be on the lookout for my newsletter when I reopen on the 7th, because the goodies are ready to go this time!  I'm restocking the Little Shop in Salem soap and I have another new soap ready to go.  There will be fresh Scents of the Month, and when I say fresh...I mean all new!  I'm also working on a return of a previously discontinued scent that I'm very excited about.  My current Scents of the Month (Nectar, Forgotten Rose, Neroli Creme, and Daydreamer) will be retired to make room for the new scents.

Sign up for my newsletter, you do not want to miss this news!  I will share the newsletter on facebook, but with all the recent facebook changes, they are severely limited the reach of business pages.  I'm going to be relying more on my blog and newsletter to keep in touch with my customers. 

Thanks again and enjoy your summer!