Friday, January 26, 2018

The First Wylde Ivy House Blend Fragrance

Something all new for Wylde Ivy. In house blended fragrances. Two exquisite Wylde Ivy fragrances in one bottle! Perfume on sale now, before the fragrance's official launch on Monday.
I have been completely obsessed with this layered duo as of late.  So much so, that I decided to combine both fragrances into one bottle for ease.  The new fragrance born was even more divine than the layered scents.   It seems like each time you smell this fragrance a different note comes forward. The crisp fresh apple compliments the rich, dark caramel and the spice from the Caramel Darling makes the sweet apple so much more complex. A perfect late winter fragrance. It has the comfort of sweet spice but with the fresh sweet apple promise of spring.  I'm so in love with this, I had to add it to my shop!  The official launch (and perhaps the birth of a whole new line at Wylde Ivy) is January 29th, but I have a little pre-launch special going on for the perfume right now.  You can pick it up right now at a special price here:

The Scents:

Roan Apple:
The golden kiss of autumn on late summer apples. Sweet cored apples, a hint of fresh pumpkin, caramelized sugar cane, and honeyed white oak. This fragrance is sweet, fresh, and everything autumn.

Caramel Darling:
A two sided fragrance that is sweet and rich with a touch of the exotic in the undercurrent. Gooey sweet cream caramel and African vanilla beans poured over honeyed amber resin, dried tobacco leaves, and a hint of spice. Notes of: Madagascar vanilla beans, sea salted caramel, black peppercorn, crystallized amber, tobacco leaves, and a pinch of clove bud.