Tuesday, April 01, 2014

2014 Spring Collection

It's finally here!  Spring!  After a much, much too long winter, we are finally seeing some spring like weather here.  I feel like celebrating!  What better way to celebrate than with a season release.  What wonderful timing!  Because it is such good timing, I'm also offering a shop wide special.  Take 20% all orders over $35.00 with coupon code HAPPYSPRING.  Offer valid through April 3, 2014 at my Etsy Shop

There are 16 returning scents from last  year, 3 all new scents, and 2 Scents of the Month for April!

My Fall and Winter collection will be retiring on April 4th.  Time to stock up on your must haves!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting Ready for the Spring Release

...but first today I have another fabulous winter scent on sale. 

The Scent:
The golden autumn sun enveloped her in its rich warm light. She laughed and then closed her eyes and breathed deeply. A breezed stirred at that moment and it loosened several of the crimson oak leaves above and sent them spinning wildly to the ground. They landed silently, bold colors on the emerald grass. She laughed again, twirled like the leaves, and outstretched her hands to the autumn sun.

Deep, golden, warmed with a touch of spice, and grounded by dry woods.

Notes of: Dry wood, Tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla, beeswax, raw honey, teakwood, cinnamon, cardamom, amber, and cedar.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spice Trade and Rustic Pumpkin Soaps on Sale

Since I missed putting up a new special for yesterday, I'm discounted two of my winter collection soaps today. 

Spice Trade is the warm and rich scent of the finest amber resin and myrrh with dried orange slices, cinnamon bark, cardamon, and clove on a base of woodsmoke, vanilla beans, and antique wood.

Rustic Pumpkin is the scrumptious scent of sweet pumpkin custard topped with ginger, nutmeg, fresh grated cinnamon, and coarse sugar. There is a hint of dry woods and fall breezes.

Monday, March 24, 2014

25% Off Solstice Road

The special of the day today is on Solstice Road Perfume.  If Hello, September is my favorite scent from my winter line, Solstice Road is a very close second!   Smooth and warm, Solstice Road begins with rich notes of ancient amber and woody vanilla. It is sweeten with a touch of black molasses, myrrh, and just a hint of dried pumpkin infused with cardamom and clove.

25% off for 24 hours only.  You can find Solstice Road here

Saturday, March 22, 2014

25% off Hello September

Today's Daily Deal counting down to the Spring and Summer Launch is on my favorite perfume from the Fall and Winter Collection, Hello September.
Scorching summer days fade into the soft, golden light of autumn. September washes over us with its soft warmth and for the briefest moment, the trees explode in a torrent of color.

Hello, September is all things warm and golden. This rich scent, as smooth as the first light of autumn, begins with soft amber wrapped in warmed vanilla. It has a heart of rich musk and finishes with tonka beans and orchid petals.

You can find Hello September here 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Talk about Spring

I'm not going to lie, this winter has been hard on me...us....my family.  My twins started Kindergarten in the fall and I believe we have been infected with every contagious kid illness known to man in the last seven months.  Throw into the mix the adjustment to a school schedule, soccer practice, soccer games, a new business venture for me, the winter holidays, four family birthdays, playdates, school programs, a trip to Disney, and one horribly grueling and unrelenting winter for us here in southern Pennsylvanian.  There is still snow on the ground as I type this.  I am not built for the cold. 

The good news is that it is coming to an end...hopefully soon..  I'm looking forward to the burst of spring color and mild spring days, a new collection on flirty, delicate, and fun scents to add to my shop.  Onto some shop news.

The new 2014 Spring and Summer scents will be trickling into my shop over the next few days.  I will be starting with the returning scents and ending with the all new scents (for most of which I'm still in the process of naming and creating label art).  The official launch date is April 1st (no kidding!)
Returning scents are:
Dreaming of Violets
Creamy Coconut
Dragonfly Blue
Driftwood Coconut
Green Grass
Island Beauty
Lost Island
Pearl Dust
Olive Leaf and Lemon
She Sells Sea Shells
Summer Fling

Most of the Fall and Winter scents will be retiring on April 4th. 
The retiring scents are:
Alas, Sunflower
Amber & Spice
Apple Kiss Kiss
Being Cleo
Dark November
Ginger and; Brulee
Hello September
Kiss Me in the Park
Pumpkin Masquerade
Solstice Road
Spice Trader
Spiced Patchouli
Vanilla Snowfall
Vintage Honey
Winter Cranberry
Woodland Cider

From now until the Spring and Summer launch on April 1st, I will have a new daily special.  Today's special is 20% off Winter Scent Aroma Melts.  Stock is extremely limited.  See them here Winter Aroma Melts

Monday, April 29, 2013

Coconut Island Castaway is Back!

April's Scent of the Month
I'm so thrilled to offer Coconut Island Castaway again.  Out of all of the retired Wylde Ivy scents, Coconut Island Castaway is one of the most requested. 

Coconut Island Castaway is a fresh beach and suntan lotion inspired coconut scent. Pull up a chair, sink your feet into white sands, and soak in the sun. Notes of: Coconut, vanilla, suntan lotion, sun warmed sand, and salt spray.

You can shop for Coconut Island Castaway here in my main shop or also in my Etsy Shop

Are you ready for the best news yet?  Coconut Island Castaway will be available through May as well!