Monday, December 05, 2016

Give the Gift of Fragrance

The perfect way to give the gift of Wylde Ivy fragrances to a friend, a loved one, or even yourself! Five Mini Bottles of Wylde Ivy Perfume in perfectly curated sets or choose your own combination of fragrances!

Choose from:
Bestsellers: No fuss here, just five of my current hottest sellers!

Just a Little Dark: For the person who tends to live on the edge.  Just a little dark, just a little brooding and always intense.  Contains Black Tobacco, Black Cat, It's My Party Bad Girl Edition, Little Shop in Salem, and Raven.

Falling Earth: The dry wholesome fragrances of the harvest months, when the leaves burst with color and the sun glows golden.  Earth, dry leaves, subtle spices, and woods.  Contains Amber & Spice, Not Falling, Starling, Stolen One, and Wanderer.  *Please note that fragrances in this collection are seasonal and will only be guaranteed to be available through February  2017.

For the Holidays: Just a little something (or actually five little somethings) to help you get the through the holidays with cheer.  Contains Candy Cane and a Kiss, Caramel Darling, Ginger Brulee, Vanilla Snowfall, and Wood Cider. *Please note that fragrances in this collection are seasonal and will only be guaranteed to be available through February  2017.

Hopeless Romantic: She loves flowers and chick flicks and is as feminine as they come.  Contains Frosted Lavender, Just a Look, Raindancer, She Walked Delicately, and Violet Fluff.

Sweet Temptations: If you like things sweet, play the girl next door, or are just a little bit sly and use sugar as your seduction.  As tempting as spun sugar, white tendrils of sweet musk, pure vanilla, and sugared fruit.

Custom Mix: For those who like to be complete control.  Choose your own five fragrances.  Just be sure to let me know which five scents you would like to try in the comment box during checkout.
Click here to view scent descriptions.

The Product:
Chic little "Mini Mister" bottles filled with 2.5 ml of Wylde Ivy perfumes. At only two and a half inches tall and a half inch in diameter, these little bottles can go anywhere with you! These adorable little bottles are also refillable, so you can always have a small bottle of your favorite Wylde Ivy Perfume with you! Just like our full sized perfumes, these Mini Misters feature gorgeous full color labels, each unique to the scent! Each Mini Mister holds enough product for approximately twenty sprays.   These five perfume minis are wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a darling tin, perfect for gift giving. 

Wylde Ivy perfumes are concentrated perfume oils dispersed in professional perfumer’s alcohol. These alcohol-based sprays are super concentrated and very long lasting.

Contains: SD40 Alcohol, Fragrance, & PPG-20 Methyl Glucose Ether.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Thank You and a Sale

I've had a long few weeks preparing for the Holiday Season.  I'm ready to take a little break to spend time with my family and I'm also ready to get things started at Wylde Ivy!  I also want you know how very thankful I am to you and your support!  I'm so fortunate to be able to do what I love, share it with so many wonderful people, and help support my family.  Not a day goes buy that I don't have thanks in my heart for you!

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Promotion
Orders under $30: Take 10% off with coupon code BLK10
Orders over $30: Take 20% off coupon code BLK20
in addition
Orders over $100 (after applied discount): receive a free Itty Bitty Cuties Gift Set of your choice.  Value $16.50
Orders over $150 (after applied discount): receive a free Itty Bitty Cuties Gift Set that is absolutely overstuffed with Wylde Ivy goodies.  This set will contain both sample sizes and full size products and will be valued at at least $50!
Sale ends Nov. 28 11:59pm.  Free gifts while supplies last.  Promotion can not be applied to previously placed orders.  Order minimums must be met before shipping and taxes and after applied discounts.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Friend of Jack | A Halloween Perfume

Brand new for 2016, Friend of Jack joins the Limited Edition Halloween Collection at Wylde Ivy and is the epitome of autumn. Sweet pumpkins wrapped in a sinister spice sounds divine, but it doesn't end there!

The Story  
Have you ever been walking in the woods on a golden autumn afternoon and for no particular reason something just off the path and catches your eye?  A face, you were sure you saw, but disappeared the moment you looked that way.  Perhaps there was a peculiar rustle in the leaves that made you look back or a feeling on the back of your neck that there was just something beyond.  As the days shorten and the leaves burst into the colors of their swan song, he starts looking.  October marches on and as the nights deepen, the veil seems to fray.  The shadows seem to warn of something, something lurking.  Jack is searching.  He slips between the trees, dances in the shadows, and is quite partial to cornfields.   Don't be frightened though, he's only looking for a friend....or at least that is what he tells you when he beckons you to the edge of the forest.

The Scent:
A luscious autumn spice with a touch of foreboding.  Ripe pumpkin, dry grass, charred wood, black peppercorns, ambered musk,  dry tobacco leaves, and a hint of woodsmoke.

My Monsters in Love Collection is available through Halloween.  After that, it is retired until next year.  This fragrance along with all the other monster inspired creations are available in Perfumes, Hemp and Green Tea Lotion, Body Butter Cream, Silken Body Oil, and Shea and Sugar Body Polish at both and my Etsy shop.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Touch of Brimstone | A Halloween Inspired Fragrance

My A Touch of Brimstone fragrance joined my Halloween exclusive Monsters in Love Halloween Collection in 2015.   It's a rich black vanilla woods spiked with nuances of spice and smoke.  It's warm and exotic, perfect for the cool fall evenings. 

The Story:
By chance she crossed his path.  By chance his eyes found hers. When the curtain fell, it fell silently.  The curtain of magic that hid him, the true him, from the world.   She saw him.  He saw  her.  In those few moments, seconds at most, she had seen him.  It was not the him that he presented to the world.  That slipped away when he looked into those deep blue bottomless pools of her eyes and the memory came flooding back.  What he used to be.  What she used to be to him.  Lifetimes ago.  They had come full circle, back again through impossible spans of time and place.  Yet here she was, face to face with a monster.  Face to face with him.  But still, she looked at him with all the knowing and and love of their past selves.  Looked into the eyes of a thing, a terrible demon, and still her gentle warmth rushed towards him.

No he could not have it.  It had doomed them before, it couldn't be.  He'd spent centuries wish mongering for filthy people as a punishment, as a sacrifice that she may be at peace.  Oh the pain of those granted wishes. What was that spell again?   What was needed for forgetting....the dust of a star, an unspoken hope, a splinter of a soul, and just a touch of brimstone.

The Fragrance:
 The sweet base of bourbon vanilla and warm musk mingled with crushed tonka beans and resinous amber, dried chapparal and sandalwood, and smoked vetiver and nutmeg.

My Monsters in Love Collection is available through Halloween.  After that, it is retired until next year.  This fragrance along with all the other monster inspired creations are available in Perfumes, Hemp and Green Tea Lotion, Body Butter Cream, Silken Body Oil, and Shea and Sugar Body Polish at both and my Etsy shop.

Thursday, October 06, 2016

An All New Scent for October, Pumpkin Milkshake

Autumn to me here in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains means frosty mornings that turn into golden afternoons, trees ablaze with red and copper tinged leaves, pumpkins, gourds, and hay bales, and finally crisp starry strewn night skies. 

Normally I don't release a Scent of the Month in October because I have so many new fragrances hit the shop with the Fall and Winter Collection and the Halloween Collection. 

My girls are pumpkin crazy this year.  We've been having curried pumpkin soup, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin cookies ever since the beginning of September.  I just had to bring some more pumpkin into my shop.

I wanted something a bit different than the traditional pumpkin spice scent.  Pumpkin Milkshake combines the creamy notes of fresh pumpkin puree and sweet cream ice cream and gives it a little kick with ground clove and spiced rum.

Pumpkin Milkshake is available while supplies last in perfume, bath and body products, and handmade soap.

Also, if you are pumpkin crazy like we are, you don't want to miss Friend of Jack, this year's newest Limited Edition Halloween Scent. 

Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Stuck on You | A Halloween Inspired Fragrance

I'm so in love with my Stuck on You fragrance.  I love it because it is it is totally unexpected for a Halloween and monster inspired fragrance.  It is pure sweet sugary goodness.  Stuck on You is part of my Monsters in Love Limited Edition Halloween Collection. The particular monster that inspired this fragrance for me was none other than The Blob.  I imagine The Blob being pink and sticky so of coarse I had to make it a candy fragrance.

The Story:
You may not like The Blob at first. In fact, he can be downright annoying. But there is just something about his guy. He sort of grows on you after awhile. The Blob loves to cuddle, he’s a bit “touchy feely”. In fact this guy doesn’t know the meaning of the words “personal space”. While at first you may find the clinging a bit off putting, after a while you will start to relax into the arrangement. You will see that The Blob can be quite sweet once you give him a chance. He is one guy who will never stray far from you…or at least you will never stray far from him…ever.

The Scent:
Notes of: sticky, melted fruit candy, dried cotton candy, a touch of strawberries and sweet musk. Stuck on You goes on candy sweet and melts beautifully into a smooth, mellow sugar musk

My Monsters in Love Collection is available through Halloween.  After that it is retired until next year.  This fragrance along with all the other monster inspired creations are available in Perfumes, Hemp and Green Tea Lotion, Body Butter Cream, Silken Body Oil, and Shea and Sugar Body Polish at both and my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

The 2016 Halloween Collection

It's that time of year again!  Time to bring out everyone's favorite Halloween Limited Edition scents. 

Monsters In Love Collection is a fun limited edition Halloween project I do every year.  I create scents based on iconic monsters.  Not just any monsters though, monsters in love!  The idea struck me when I was reading a silly short story about zombies which made me think of them in a different light.  What if monsters had jobs, went on dates, and daydreamed like us?

The 2016 Monsters in Love Collection features 11 scents.  Friend of Jack is brand new this year and I have totally reformulated Lovesick & Undead to be an all new fragrance this year!  The entire Halloween collection is available as perfumes and my full line of body products such as lotion, cream, scrub, and body oil.

Sinister spices, innocent candy sweets, haunting white musks, shocking ozones, smokey ambered vanilla, and everything in between.  You'll want to wear these amazing fragrances all year but they are only available through October 31st!

Thursday, August 04, 2016

This Calls for Some Fizz

Summer is just rolling by.  June and July went by in a wink, but I guess that is to be expected when you are pretty much nonstop.  I'm really hoping to slow down this month and enjoy some of the more simple pleasures of the summer.  The past few weeks have been brutally hot for us.  I was craving something intensely fresh.  I started thinking about my long lost Lime Fizz scent.  Those of you who have been with me may remember it...I think it was back in the good ol' days of '08 and '09.  I had to have it back in my life. 

So may I introduce (or reintroduce)  you to Lime Fizz.  A bright, effervescent blend of sweet lime made just a little more complex with the addition of hints of lemon zest, a drop of pineapple juice, and just a whisper of white petals. The fizz will almost tickle your nose!

Lime Fizz is a limited edition fragrance  I'll only be making it through September (or while my supplies to make it last).  This fragrance is available in Perfume, Handmade Soap, Body Butter Cream, Hemp and Green Tea Lotion, and Sugared Body Polish.  Find it in my Online Store or my Etsy Shop.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fragrance Spotlight - Sea Glass & Linen

Seems we've been on the go more than usual here this summer.  Now that we are done with our major summer travels and enjoying close to home adventures, I finally have a normal shop schedule.

Less than a week left in July.  Sea Glass & Linen was June and July's limited edition Scent of the Month.  One of my favorites scents this season, it is clean, fresh, and feminine.  I love it so much, I'm holding it over through August (or as supplies last)! 

Sea Glass & Linen
Like the cool blue and green hues of tumbled sea glass and the sweet softness of line dried linen an ethereal blend of white musk, ocean mist, bergamot, rain drenched orchids, night blooming jasmine, sweet cotton, and ozone. Sea Glass & Linen is delicate, sweet, fresh, powdery, and oh so feminine.

 Sea Glass & Linen is available in Perfume, Hemp & Green Tea Lotion, Body Butter Cream, Silken Body Oil, Sugared Body Polish, and Handmade Soap at both Wylde Ivy's website as well as my Etsy shop

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Orange Blossoms and Sugar

It is such a murky rainy day today which though it is melting some of the snow and that is good, I feel like a need a little sunshine. 

That is what my Neroli Creme is for.  The lush scent of orange blossoms mixed with the divine fragrance of sweet cream.  Sunshine and sugar chases away the clouds any least the clouds in my mind.

Neroli Creme
The timeless, graceful scent of orange blossoms meets the simplicity of pure vanilla cream.

Neroli Creme is part of my Scents of the Month Collection which are fun and revolving limited edition fragrances available only for a month or two.  This month's scents are all inspired by Valentine's Day, love, chocolates, flowers, crushes, and sweets.   Neroli Creme will be in my shop through February.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Starcrossed Lovers

I can't wrap my head around the fact that it is 2016 and here we are already slipping into February and thinking about Valentine's Day.  To celebrate the month of love, I've brought back Tristan's Desire and Isolde's Wish this year.  These limited edition scents are inspired by my favorite tale of starcrossed lovers Tristan and Isolde and are in the shop through February.

Before Romeo died for his Juliet, before Lancelot deceived his King, Tristan loved Isolde. Tristan and Isolde's 12th century tale of love and tragedy has been told and retold in countless forms from poetry to operas and in many different versions. I am particularity fond of the version that has Tristan and Isolde mistakenly and unknowingly drinking a love potion and falling desperately in love while he is taking her to marry his uncle and adopted father. It is a terrible love triangle. They all care about each other, Tristan to his uncle who loves him as a son, Isolde to her husband (Tristan's uncle) because he is such a good man, and of coarse the unstoppable love between Tristan and Isolde that destroys them all.

Tristan's Story:
Tristan moved easily through the low branches and tangles of overgrown brush. He'd picked his way along this path by nothing more then the starlight many times before. He quickened pace. His feet seemed to move of their own accord now, perhaps driven by the the hope rising in his chest. Would he find her there tonight? In his mind, he could see her there now bathed in the pale light of the moon. Begrudgingly, he slowed. So close, he used caution. He moved now without a sound, carefully picking his steps. He paused at the old oak. His hands upon the callous bark he steadied his breath. A knot grew in is stomach. Why did he feel that he could not live without her? A thousand vile thoughts rushed into his head. If Isolde had chosen not to meet him, did his uncle really know...he ended those thoughts as he felt his strength begin to leave him. He had to be strong. In a quick movement that required more courage then charging into battle, he sidestepped from behind the tree and entered the clearing.

In the distance, Isolde's small figure cloaked in blue, stood beside the water. Even though the darkness enveloped her, could see the look in her eyes. He knew.

The Scent:
Tristan's scent is the comfort of the forest woods, the warmth of exotic saffron and cinnamon, a touch of dried rose petals. A treacherous tryst and undying romance, Tristan's Desire is wonderfully unisex.
Notes of: cedarwood, teak, sandalwood, faded rose petals, almond flowers, saffron, cinnamon bark, vanilla and musk.

 Isolde's Story:
The Story:
It was never easy for her. She never had power over her love that grew for Tristan. She belonged to the king. She new her place, yet some strange force took a hold of her heart along the way and it was no longer hers to control. She lived for her secret moments with Tristan. It was as if her heart only beat for him, yet it broke every time they met.

She watched the flowers sway slightly by the waters edge, their reflection danced in the water. Tristan wanted to leave with her. He was expecting an answer. He should have been waiting here already. A weight grew in her chest as she began to wonder if he would come. Panic broke through the weight when she began to question if she'd ever see him again at all. She felt her chest tighten at the thought, her eyes burned. Could she even survive without her Tristan? As she questioned this, a movement caught her eye and Tristan's form stepped into the clearing. One look from him and she knew she would never survive without him, yet she still didn't have an answer.

The Scent:
Isolde's scent is the lingering warmth of Tristan on her skin, his love which gives her hope and destroys, white flowers, moonlight, and love.
Notes of: dewy jasmine, cedar wood, sandalwood, faded rose petals, almond flowers, vanilla, saffron and musk.

Tristan and Isolde are available through February in perfumes and bath and body products.   Also available as a perfume set at the special price.