Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Remember these little beauties?

I've been busy this week, counting inventory, organizing my stuff, preparing the summer line, formulating new scents (yay!), and doing spring cleaning around here. It's been a busy week!

I'm just taking a little break to post a few pictures. Do you remember these little beauties?

(more info to come!)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April Closing, New Scents, and Reoganization

Ok, so a whole two weeks has gone by and I didn't get to send out a newsletter. Time seems to be slipping away faster these days, somehow. I'll update you here...

The Custom Shop is going well. I'm keeping up with the orders and getting them out fairly quickly (at least way under my stated turnaround time!) I am a little behind on some aspects of the biz....just because getting the orders out takes top priority.

So I will be closing for a week at the end of this month. I need to do inventory and put the finished touches on some new scents that I have in the works for the summer! I also need to reorganize here. I think I can optimize my work rooms to be more "custom product" friendly. After the flood that we had back in 2006, I got to completely redesign my entire shop....everything from the storage rooms, to my packing room, to my production room. At that time, I wasn't making products to order like I am right now. I think I can rearrange things here so I can work even more efficiently. Which would hopefully save me time and make things go even quicker.

Wish me luck!

Wylde Ivy will be closed from April 24 - May 3rd. You can still place orders if you wish, I just won't be making or shipping until May 4th.

New Perfumes on Etsy!

I recently got finished posting a new group of perfumes in my Etsy shop. These are scents that are available through my Custom Shop, but I worked on some gorgeous new perfume labels for them and am showing them off on Etsy!

Friday, April 03, 2009

A Few Restocks

So the days have been flying by and I got a little behind. I got the soap restocks posted today...the ones that were due on Monday. I was waiting because I wanted to take new pictures.

So, now Summer Fling and Daydreamer have joined the lineup. They were both made using the luxurious Pure Butter recipe!

Also, check out the new selection of Soap Dishes, Soap Sacks, and Washcloths by clicking here