Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Soapy Dates

Just adding to the list of soaps that are curing right now. The following soaps will be ready:

March 30th
Summer Fling

April 13th
Carrot and Honey Spa Soap
Nectar Spa Soap
Berry Apple Sorbet

April 20th
Fairy Lily
Shea and Sandalwood Spa Soap

....more will be added to the list soon!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Cleaning Sale is On!

It's that time of year again. Time to make room for new products and scents to celebrate the changing of the season. Many, many items are on sale...but for only 48 hours! Hurry, sale ends Wednesday, March 25 at 3:00PM EST! Discounts will be applied automatically.

The following categories are on sale now:
- 30% Off Soy Wax Aroma Melts
- 20% Off Lotions and Body Oils
- 20% Off Scrubs
- 20% Off Perfume Sprays and Oils
- 20% Off Previous Scent of the Month Products
- 30% Off All Art Glass Pendants

Sale applies to premade items only. Samples and Custom Shop products are not included in this sale. Sale orders are not eligible for the Free Body Spray Promotion from earlier in the month.

Want more?

Take an extra 10% off your entire order...both on sale items and regularly priced items like Soaps and Custom Shop products with coupon code EXTRA10

Be sure to add you coupon code to your shopping cart and hit the Submit button to apply your coupon code. Coupon expries March 25, at 3:00PM EST.

Spring Cleaning Sale!

It's that time again! Time to clear out and get ready for the new season!

Watch for the big Spring Cleaning Sale coming very soon!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog Readers Special!

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!

Here's a one day only special just for my blog readers! Take 17% off your order at Wyldeivy.com! Just enter code GREEN17 at checkout. Coupon code will expire tonight at midnight EST. 17% will be deducted from your merchandise total only, does not apply to shipping charges. Free Body Mist promo will not apply to orders using the GREEN17 coupon (just because I'm running really low on the Body Mist samples).

Monday, March 16, 2009

A Soap Marathon....

I've been running a soaping marathon....ok, so maybe it is more like a sprint! I'm in the middle of a big soap restock on my website. I have lots of soaps on my list to make. I've also be waist deep in test batches lately. I've been having fun testing lots of new scents in soap. I'm hoping to be able to release a couple of brand new soaps soon! I've even been testing some of my Custom Shop scents in soap...like Black Cat, Black Tobacco, Simple Love, Wood Nymph. It's a bit early to tell right now if the scents will be winners in my cold process soap, but so far they are looking good! Keep your fingers crossed!

Here's the list of completed soaps and their ready dates:

March 30th
Summer Fling

April 13th
Carrot and Honey Spa Soap
Nectar Spa Soap
Berry Apple Sorbet

....more will be added to the list soon!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Hemp and Green Tea Lotion

Yet again, you guys are looking out for me! I've gotten a few emails questioning the size of the Hemp and Green Tea Lotion from my Custom Shop. It seems I missed putting the size in the description. I'm sorry!

The Hemp and Green Tea Lotion is seven ounces. I've fixed the product description to reflect this.

Hemp and Green Tea Lotion

Strange Post from 2008

For all of you who subscribe to the email notifications from my blog, you may have received a strange blog post via email. This was a blog post from back in October! I'm not sure why such an old post was sent through the email service. I'm going to look into it.

I'm sorry if it caused any confusion! I was a little confused myself! Don't worry, the Custom Shop will still be open for all of March (despite what the email may have said).

Thanks for the heads up everyone!

March Scent Review Winner!

The March gift certificate winner for the "Got Reviews" contest was Becky M!

Thanks everyone! Keep them coming! If you've missed contest post, you can revisit it here: Got Reviews

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Two New Perfumes on Esty!

My two newest perfumes to hit my Esty shop.

Black Patch is sultry and oh so sexy. Smooth patchouli blended with black pepper, exotic woods, fresh ginger, Valencia orange, oakmoss, violet leaf, and amber.

Bloom is the scent of a fresh warm Spring breeze carrying the sweet fragrance budding of wildflowers. Bloom is a sunny, Spring day when the air is fresh and clean and beautiful.

You can find both of these new perfumes in my Esty Shop or if you would like to try these fragrances in bath and body products, head over to the Wylde Ivy Custom Shop

Monday, March 02, 2009

The Custom Shop is Open!

The Custom Shop is now open to accept your orders! I had planned on having the Custom Shop open for just the first week of March, like I had done in the past. I've decided to have the Custom Shop open for all of March! Now you will be able to place your orders for custom made goodies anytime this whole month.

I'm doing this as a test run. I'll see how it goes for me. If I can do it without getting too far behind (meaning having a long turnaround time) then I'll just keep the Custom Shop open permanently. If it becomes difficult to manage with maintaining the other part of my shop, my Etsy shop, and my little ladies here...then I'll go back to just having scheduled opening dates.

I'm going to put a tentative turnaround time of 12 - 20 business days. You know I always try my hardest to get orders out quicker then the posted turnaround time...but I'd rather be safe and post a longer turnaround time.