Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Orange Fluff Cake & HoneyBee Good!

Due to popular demand, we are keeping Fluff Cake and HoneyBee Good! scents through February. We are looking into add these scents into our permanent line, as many of you have requested. Once we decide on a lineup of new scents and return scents for the Spring and Summer, we will then decide if there is room in our line to incorporate Orange Fluff Cake and HoneyBee Good!.

Alternately, we'll have a new Scent of the Month for January which will be announced and released on January 8th.

January Soap Release schedule

January 9th:
Black Tea Jasmine
Tuscan Garden

More soap release dates will be posted as they become known.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Cold Weather and Your Wylde Ivy Scrubs

Cold weather has finally hit most of us. Colder temperatures during shipping will affect the natural oils and butters found in Wylde Ivy's Sugar Body Polishes. Since these scrubs are formulated to be a soft solid at room temperature, cold temperatures will harden the oils and butters resulting in a firmer scrub. This will not affect the quality of your scrub as once the scrub has warmed to room temperature, it will soften to its usual consistency. When not in use, store your scrubs in a warm part of your house.

Monday, December 04, 2006

December Tidbits....

With the Holiday Bash Sale over and the orders received from that weekend completed, we are now working on restocking. This week we hope to restock many of the sold out products.

Holiday Shipping
There is still time to finish up your holiday shopping with Wylde Ivy. All orders placed up until and on December 8th are guaranteed to be shipped before USPS Christmas shipping deadline of December 18th. After that date, it is hard to predict what our turnaround time will be. When placing your order after December 8th, please be sure to check our currant turnaround time to ensure you receive your package in time. Our In House Rush service could provide you with some peace of mind if you are shopping after the cut off date. Check out "Ordering Info" page for more details

Holiday schedule
Wylde Ivy will be closed:
December 20th - 27th
January 1st - 5th

New Perfume Line
We are redoing our Perfumed Oil line. The new line, to be released in the new year will feature new easier to use packaging and will also include the Spritzer scents!

HoneyBee Good & Orange Fluff Cake
Ok, so we've been getting lots of comments, questions, and praise of the past Scents of the Month. Many of you have asked that HoneyBee Good and Orange Fluff Cake be added to our permanent line. At this point I'm not quite sure we can do that. We are actually looking to remove some scents/products from our current permanent lineup up in preparation to introduce new scents. What I can do is keep these two scents in production until January at least.

Scents to be Discontinued
I always hate to leave a scent of product go, but it is something that is necessary for us to have room to add new items and still keep our quick order turnaround time.

We'll be discontinuing the following scents and products:

  • Pure Sugar (this scent will still be available in Aroma Melts)
  • S'mores
  • Cairo Perfume
  • Frivolous Perfume
  • Scarlet Perfume
  • Babycakes Perfume

Raffle for Swag!

Every order placed during the months of November and December will receive a raffle ticket. These tickets will be put in a drawing in the New Year for some great prizes! Drawing will be held January 9th. Winners will be contacted via email.

Prizes include:

  • 3 Party Slices of Soap Cake (Marshmallow Gingerbread, Creme Brulee & Strawberries, and Orange Fluff Cake)
  • You choose Scent of the Month! That's right, you'll be in control of Wylde Ivy. You can choose any scent from our current line (either Bath and Body, Soap, Perfume, or Aroma Melt) and we'll turn it into Scent of the Month! Want even better news? After the scent is released, you'll receive an entire giftset of products in that scent! Please note there are a few fragrances in our Aroma Melt line that are not skin safe and will not be able to be made into products for use on the skin.
  • Electric Tart Melter and Aroma Melt Set You'll receive an electric tart melter and your choice of five Aroma Melts!
  • $50.00 Gift Certificate to Wylde Ivy!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

One Day Left to Shop the Holiday Bash!

Today is the last day to shop the best sale of the year at Wylde Ivy! Get some Holiday Shopping done and pick up some goodies for yourself! Visit our News and Speicals page ( for more details!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Exciting News about our Haircare Line!

For well over a year, I’ve been searching for an alternate packaging method for the solid shampoo and conditioner bars. I was well aware that our customers wanted packaging that could be stored in the shower or allowed for the storage of wet bars of Sudz and Zoft. I could just not find the perfect solution. Finally I found the perfect jar, but I then needed to find a new mold to accommodate the new shape.

Well, now I have the perfect mold prototype. It is being custom build for me at I type this. So our Haircare line will be getting a makeover!

That’s right! The new plastic screw top jars can be handled with wet hands and will allow you to place your damp Sudz or Zoft inside! This will make transporting your Sudz and Zoft easier then ever! While I still strongly suggest allowing your bars to dry between uses (soapdishes make great drying racks!) for optimum product life, these new jars are a great alternate solution for use at the gym, travel, camping, and more!

Want even better news? The new shape and style of our Solid Haircare Bars will increase bar size to over 2 ounces!
Keep an eye out for our new and improved line of Haircare coming soon!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Monday, October 30, 2006

November Soap Release schedule!

Below you'll find a list of anticipated release dates for the soaps we have curing. This post will be updated if the dates change or with new additions.

November 18th:
Yuletide (Limited Holiday Edition)
Deja Vu Deli Soap (Limited Edition)
HoneyBee Good!
Unscented Cocoa Butter & Coconut Milk Soap
Blackberry Cotton Candy
African Vanilla Bean
Creamy Coconut
Green Apple Deli Soap (Limited Edition)
Sweet Pumpkin Kiss Deli Soap (Limited Edition)
2 New Soap Cake Scents (these scents are being kept secret until their release!)

Monday, October 23, 2006

We've Got the Candy, But You Can Win the Prize!

Guess how many candies are in our jar and win a Wylde Ivy Gift Certificate! The closest guess will win a $31.00 Gift Certificate to be used on our website. Winner will be notified on October 31st!
Our Contest is now over, we are contacting the winner via email!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Soap Cakes are Selling Out Fast!

Wow, we had quite a response to our Soap Cakes. They sold out much quicker then we had anticipated! We are getting lots of questions as to when or if we'll be making them again.

We'd like to hear some feedback on the soaps from the people who were able to purchase them.

Being that they are from the Limited Edition Deli Soap Line, they are not an item that we can keep in regular stock. These cakes are time consuming to make and the process does not yield a large batch. We are planning on offering them again in the near future (over the next month or two).

We still have just a few more Cake slices in stock! At the time of me writing this there are:
Cocoa Bean Cake (1 Sweet Tooth Slice, 5 Party Slice, and 2 Lite Slices in stock)
Lemon Cream Cake (2 Party Slices in Stock)
Sugar Cake (2 Party Slices in Stock)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lots of new updates at

Well it feels like I've been updating the site for days, ok actually I have! There were a lot of new items to add!

We have a few new scents out for the new season...and more to come!

New Seasonal Scents!
As American as Apple Pie ~Wylde Blend~ :
A sweet Apple Crumb Pie blend that is heavy on the hot golden apple filling and light on the spice. If you are tired of overly spicy apple blends, this is the scent for you! An immensely popular soap from last season, As American as Apple Pie is back!

Ice Princess ~Wylde Blend~ :
Ice Princess is a sweet, sugary blend with a smooth mint cream base. This is a new and unique spin on a mint fragrance.

Marshmallow Gingerbread ~Wylde Blend~ :
Marshmallow Gingerbread is the ultimate warm sweet scent! This gooey fragrance is all about melted Marshmallows with hints of warm Gingerbread.

White Cashmere ~Wylde Blend~:
Warm, sultry scent of vanilla pods wrapped in orchid petals with base notes of woody, sweet musk and the slightest hints of Amber and Sandalwood. Wrap yourself in the warm clean scent of White Cashmere.

Winter Pear ~Wylde Blend~ :
Crisp Anjou Pears nestled in a bed of Sweet Woods, Vanilla, Violets, and just a dash of Japanese Plums.

Woodland Orchard:
Woodland Orchard is a beautiful fresh scent perfect for autumn days. A blending of sweet apple peels, fresh air, and oak leaves with a touch of Lavender makes a perfect, fresh scent for anytime of the year.

Scent of the Month
Aerial~Wylde Blend~ :
Aerial literally means, “existing or living in the air”. This white musk and floral fragrance is so sheer, so airy and light it will whisk you away for a walk in the clouds. In fact, if clouds had a fragrance, this is what they would smell like. Top notes of fresh and sexy White Musk blend into the flawless beauty of delicate white petals and end with an ever so soft blend white tea leaves.

Little Shop in Salem :
By far one of our most popular fragrances. We've captured the scent of incense, Patchouli, potions, and maybe even a little magic in this scent. Salem is deep, mysterious, and very sexy. Popular with all ages, this scent is an earthy blend of incense and Patchouli and is full of animal magnetism!

Dark Continent ~Wylde Blend~ :
Africa was known as the Dark Continent by early European Colonists who saw this vast new land as mysterious and dangerous place. Our Dark Continent blend is deep, rich, and mysterious. The only danger is this new fragrance is addiction. Top notes of smooth Patchouli and sultry Amber are intertwined with a touch of exotic florals and a whisp of smooth Madagascar Vanilla. The real secret to this scent is the undertone of freshly smoked Cocoa Pods.

New Scents just for Aroma Melts:
Black Ginger Flowers ~Wylde Blend~ :
An extremely unique scent of the exotic Ginger Flower with a smooth blend of woods, a touch of citrus, and a dash of spice.

Berry Crimson ~Wylde Blend~ :
Intensely sweet fresh pomegranate nectar on an earthy patchouli laden base of woods. Hidden deep beneath the layers of sweet and earthy notes hide the faintest hint of fresh ginger root.

Gingered Pineapple~Wylde Blend~ :
If you are looking for a more unique spice blend for this winter, Gingered Pineapple is it. Syrupy pineapple chucks covered in fresh ginger root, clove buds, and cinnamon bark.

Frank N Orange ~Wylde Blend~ :
An uplifting blend of Myrrh with a hint of Frankincense smoother with juicy Orange wedges.

HoneyBear ~Wylde Blend~ :
An all time favorite back from last year! This blend has been slightly reformulated to be even edible and buttery smelling! Smooth rich honey blended with dollops of fresh vanilla cream.

Vanilla Nut ~Wylde Blend~ :
A blending of Hazelnuts, Almonds, and Cashews all spun together with Honey, gourmet Vanilla, and White Chocolate

Solid Cocoa Butter Scrub Bars:
Now that the weather has cooled down, we were able to put our Solid Cocoa Butter Scrub Bars back into production. These bars are reformulated just a little bit from last season to make them longer lasting, better scrubbing, and with a better feel after rinse off. Solid Scrub Bars are our version of an oil salt scrub without the mess! Traditional salt and oil scrubs that require mixing are clumsy and too much work, in our opinion! These solid bars are filled with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Salt, and more for an easy and no fuss skin treatment!

ShaBombs are back:
Add some pizzazz to your bath with Wylde Ivy ShaBombs! ShaBombs are Bath Bombs loaded with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and beautiful fragrance to turn your bath water into a silky paradise. Each giant ShaBomb is cut in half by us, so you have the choice using half a Bomb or the whole ShaBomb for your bath. We find that for most tubs, half a bomb is plenty. The ShaBombs are wrapped to help preserve fragrance. ShaBombs are approximately 6.5 to 7 ounces.

Limited Edition Deli Soap Cakes are here!:
Our newest soap project, Soap Cakes! Fiendishly sweet and foody, these soaps are shaped just like full sized bundt cakes. We slice these Soap Cakes to order, you just choose the size!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Updated Soap Release & Winter Seasonal Reveal!

Due to popular request and an overwhelming interest in the newest Deli Soap Cakes, we’ll be holding October 2nd’s soap release until Saturday 7th to make all the “Cakes” available at the same time! The bigger news is that we’ll also be having our official “Winter Seasonal” Release on this day too! Stay tuned for more details! We’ll have all new scents, all new products, and all new Scents (yes multiple scents!) of the Month!

Friday, September 29, 2006


We get asked frequently about offering Bodywashes. This is something we are working on. We had offered them in the past and although we loved the feel of the formula, it did not accept fragrance very well and often ended up thinning too much for our liking. We are testing new formulas in the hopes of being able to once again offer Bodywashes in your favorite Wylde Ivy scents!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Brrr, it’s getting chilly at Wylde Ivy!

We’ve been getting lots of inquires lately about new fall scents from Wylde Ivy. Yes, we are working hard to get the new Fall/Winter collection together. We have so many new scents and products waiting to make their debut, we are literally running out of room here! We have some great new scents lined up. It is true we are running a little behind this year, actually the flood we had put us more then two months behind in production. We’ve pretty much been working nonstop since the June flood to whip things back in shape around here.

We’ll be doing a main release early next month with new scents and products (sorry the exact date is no pinpointed just yet). We are striving for the 2nd, but we will wait until everything is finished and in stock before doing the official release. We will release a newsletter as well as post to the blog when the new products are unveiled. After that, we’ll be releasing new products sporadically all winter long!

I suppose we can let a few of the October surprises slide. October’s Scent of the Month will be a multiple scents! As of now, there are two confirmed scents. We are going to try and squeeze in another. These will be scents that have not been previously made into bath and body products, so it is very exciting!

A quick hint on October’s Scents of the Month:
- These two scents will go perfectly with two of the most popular Halloween costumes you see on Trick or Treaters.

Two of the other confirmed October Release scents are Marshmallow Gingerbread and As American as Apple Pie! Keep an eye out for the others!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Updated October Soap Release Schedule

Below you'll find a list of anticipated release dates for the soaps we have curing. This post will be updated if the dates change or with new additions.

October 7th:
Orange Glazed Gingerbread
Marshmallow Gingerbread Cake (Deli Soap)
Sugar Cake (Deli Soap)
Chocolate Cocoa Bean Cake (Deli Soap)
Lemon Cream Danish Cake (Deli Soap)

October 12th:
Chocolate Coconut (Deli Soap)

October 16th:
Cha-Cha Chai (Deli Soap)
White Cashmere
Winter Pear

End of October (exact ETA unknown):
Almond Honey Cookie (Deli Soap)
Rosemary Mint

November Releases

Novemer 1st
Creamy Coconut
Spa Blend

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

It's Time to Crack your Duckie Code!

If you participated in our “Great Hula Duckie Invasion of ‘06” promotion that ran last month and you have a Duckie, now’s your chance to find out what your secret sale code is!

Simply visit our website and check out our "News and Specials" page to find out what you've won!

Hula Duckie codes are good until October 31st.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Cooler Weather Here we Come!

It is always sad to see the summer go by so quickly, but I must admit when the days star getting a little shorter and my end of summer Toad Lilies start to bloom I start dreaming of autumn.

Not only does the change in season mean a shift in the scents we carry, but it also means we can bring back some of the meltable products that would not hold up to summer shipping.

That's right, the ever popular Solid Cocoa Butter Salt Scrubs will be in production soon as well as Monoi Aloe Skin Serum. We are still a little up in the air about bringing back the Mocha Java all natural Body Butter (which was made with whipped cocoa butter and coffee butter). So if any of you out there have strong feelings either way about this product from last year we'd like to hear them!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Have Your Cake....and Bath With It Too!

What do we crave more then anything during the cold winter months? We crave warm, gooey, sugary, calorie laden sweet treats! So, to compensate for having no time to bake, I am making new Deli Soaps! The first release will include Marshmallow Gingerbread, Banana Bread, and Cocoa Bean Cake (all pictured) with Pecan Pie, Sugar Cake, and others to follow. Honey Almond Cookie (a favorite from last winter!) will be back and I am formulating and testing a new cookie soap (Apple Oatmeal Cookie). Remember, Deli soaps are always limited edition soaps that I only make when there is spare time and for fun. Be sure to keep an eye out here for their release dates as I have a feeling these are going to be popular! Watch for these Soap Cakes to be released around mid September (we include all the details here on the blog when we know for sure).
….and remember, no matter how good they smell on the outside, they still taste like soap on the inside! We do not recommend taste testing!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pink Strawberry Citrus Arrives August 21st!

We know it isn't the best timing, with summer just about over, but our newest scent will release anyway. Six months in formulation (yes you read that right, six!) I finally perfected the strawberry blend I was trying to create! Succulent summer strawberries with just a whisp of light citrus to lift the scent to perfection!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Monday, August 14, 2006

Fun at the Craft Show!

Well, we survived the Craft Show this past weekend! Even getting up in the wee hours of the morning (3:30 am) we had a great, fun filled day. It was a pleasure to meet some of our "internet customers" in person and we were so happy folks ventured out to see us in person!

For those of you who are not local or were unable to come and see us, I took some photos of our booth to share with you.

This is a picture of the front of the booth and me looking very tired at around 7:00am!

Here is a line of soaps sunbathing in the morning sun.

The infamous "HoneyBee Good! soap is always a hit!

The White Lavender display.

Here's the Deli Soap Station.

The ever popular Unscented Soaps.

Here's the side of the booth where people could test lotions, perfumes, buy giftsets, and smell the Aroma Melts. That's Jeremy minding the booth (while I played around outside shopping and taking pictures!)

This is a little baby Water Hyacinth from the pond that I yanked out that morning and brought along with us for decoration. He enjoyed his day away from the pond!

....and finally a sneak peak of the newest giftsets that will hit the website soon!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Current Winter Scents in the Works

The following is a sneak preview of some of the scents we are working of for the winter release scents. These scents have been formulated to perfection themselves, but are still in the product testing phase as we test for product compatibility. These are neither a complete list of new scents nor are these scents conclusive just yet....just a little teaser!

Marshmallow Gingerbread: Rich, creamy marshmallow fluff smothering hot fresh gingerbread. This is the ultimate comfort scent!
Berry Crimson: Plump, over ripe berries amid a background of woody base notes
Winter Pear: Another crisp fruit scent of true pear, smoothed down with the addition of earthy late autumn breeze scents and a base note of Amber kissed Vanilla
As American as Apple Pie: An overwhelmingly popular soap scent from last year, this little goodie is making it into bath and body products and Aroma Melts this year! What is the best part of Apple Pie? It is the thick, gooey apple center, of coarse! Light on spice, this sweet Apple Filling scent is warm, sugary, and delicious!
White Cashmere: A warm blanket of sensual Sandalwood and Amber nestled around smooth Vanilla and White Floral notes.

We also have an amazing list of scrumptious Deli soap scents, but we are keeping those a secret until they are ready! Big news for you foody lovers! Starting soon, Deli Soap scents will be available in our other products for as long as the Limited Edition Deli Soaps are available!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Last Call for Summer Seasonals

With summer quickly coming to a close and fall's arrival fast on our heels, we must soon make the transition into offering new scents for the season. This means some our beloved "summery" scents must going into retirement for the winter season.

Our Summer Seasonal fragrances will be stocked regularly through August, then as of September 1st they will not be in production. We'll keep them available so long as our remaining inventory holds out, we will just no longer be remaking the inventory after that date.

The following fragrances are Summer Seasonal (this applies to all products in these scents):
Beachin Berries
Coconut Island Castaway
Blackberry Apple Sorbet
Cucumber & Chamomile
Summer Fling
Sugared Citrus
Coconut Peach
Honeydew Tea
Island Sensation

....don't be sad, we are replacing each and every one of these scents with new Winter Seasonals!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Soap Release Schedule

We're still busily restocking our website, but if feels wonderful to be open again. In addition to remaking current stock, we are also hard at work formulating new scents and products. Believe it or not, we've actually been working on the Fall and Winter blend fragrances. We'll be bringing back some of your old favorites from last year, and hopefully creating some all new favorites! You can look forward to some complex, earthy, and exotic scents to from Wylde Ivy this fall. Of coarse, we love our sweet, foody, and fruity scents too so we'll be making some mouthwatering additions to our Limited Edition Deli Soaps.

August 15th:
Summer Fling

September 11th (reschedualed from the 1st due to our vacation closing):
Woodland Orchard (called Woodland Lavender in Aroma Melt collection)
Spiced Apples
Make Mine a Mocha (Deli Soap)
All Natural Patchouli & Oats
Triple Mint (Deli Soap)
Monoi & Aloe Spa Soap (pictured above)
As American as Apple Pie
White Jasmine & Tea Leaves (pictured below)
Rhassoul Glow Spa Soap
Lemon Ozone
Smores (Deli Soap)

September 18th:
Chocolate Fatale

(Check back often as we will update the list with new additions!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Our Supplies have Arrived!

Our perfume supplies have arrived! At long last, we have finally received the supplies needed to make our perfumes! We will, of coarse, start with the two new perfumes so we can get them on the website. Look for them to be added either tonight or tomorrow morning! After that, we will start with making the perfume sprays and after we are finished restocking those, we will move onto the Perfumed Oils and samples. There will be a few scents of perfumes that will be out of stock just a little while longer as we are waiting on just a couple backordered oils.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wylde Ivy Opening July 23rd!

Yes, I know that we already announced the opening date in our last almost the same title....but we are excited! We plan to officially open the website at 10:00am EST. We will be sending a newsletter out just before that time announce a special surprise that we have added for our customers.

Even though we are not totally back to normal around here and there are still items from our inventory that we need to replenish, we are so happy to be able to pretend that things are! We all want to thank everyone for their patience during this time.

To our faithful Blog readers, I know some of you have been watching very closely for updates on here, we'd like to do something special for you. We have set up a Free Shipping coupon that will be good for the first three people who use it tomorrow during their checkout. This coupon will only be valid for orders received after 10:00AM EST (no cheating you early birds, we will know....;) Enter code: BLOGGERSHIP to receive your free shipping. If the code does not work for you, it means that all three have been used already. Free Shipping applies only to order sent within the US. For international orders, we'll deduct $5.00 off of your total shipping when you use the code. Just put the code in the comments box and if they are still available we will make the deduction!

Thank you again everyone for your support!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wylde Ivy will be Opening July 23rd!

While we are still working on restocking products, we will be opening our website on July 22. Depending on supply shipments that we are waiting on, we hope to have the remaining products in stock no later then mid August.

For our newsletter subscribers, watch for our newsletter to announce our opening on Sunday!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Two New Perfume Scents!

We have two new and beautiful summer Perfume fragrances to debut (around June 25th as we are still waiting on some supplies). These are very feminine, very airy, and very summery.

The first is called Summer Sweetie and is a fun and flirty, but sophisticated summer blend. Top notes of citrus blossoms melds into sweet candied fruits and summer flowers finally dries down to notes of amber, musk, and white cedar for a sensual finish. This scent is perfect for warm, breezy summer nights.

The second is called Aerial, which literally means, “existing or living in the air”. This white musk and floral fragrance is so sheer, so airy and light it will whisk you away for a walk in the clouds. In fact, if clouds had a fragrance, this is what they would smell like. Top notes of fresh and sexy White Musk blend into the flawless beauty of delicate white petals and end with an ever so soft blend white tea leaves. This fragrance has been tested on numerous volunteers with unanimous thumbs up. Blending with body chemistry and creating a unique scent for every wearer, this fragrance is a must try for the summer months.

Monday, July 17, 2006

New Aroma Melts!

The hot summer weather as descended on us here at Wylde Ivy. Due to the summer heat we will not be offering Mini Melts, as they are easily deformed and dented when they soften up in hot weather. Despair not, to make up for it we are adding to our Aroma Melt collection in a BIG way! Your favorite Wylde Ivy scents like Creamy Coconut, Little Shop in Salem, Daydreamer, and Coconut Island Castaway are joining our Aroma Melt lineup. Scents such as Summer Fling, Sugar Cake, Bella Vanille, Raspberry Lemonade, Sparkling Clementine, Tangerine Loves Peach, Sticky, and Ice Princess are being tested as we speak….or I should say as I type and you read this! All this, and we are developing a line of All Natural Aroma Melts using essential oils! Watch for the new All Natural Melts in the next few months!

Have a scent you’d like to see us carry or add to our line? We’d love to hear it. Drop us a line at

So you've read through the entire entry and would like to know what the rosebud has to do with the subject? Well, honestly it has nothing to do with the entry. It is a photo I had taken a few weeks ago and thought you might enjoy.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another Flood Photo

We received yet another flood photo from someone who was over our neighborhood in a helicopter during the flooding. Thankfully, this was not one of the pictures sent to us while we were evacuated and unable to see our house. This picture may have been a little hard to take without knowing what are damages were.

You can click on the picture to make it slightly bigger.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Wylde Ivy is Making Progress!

Things have been coming along nicely here at Wylde Ivy. We still have quite a bit more construction to do on the workrooms and storage rooms, but every day I am able to get the temporary work area more organized are ready to go. Assuming we don’t hit any major snags, we are planning on reopening next weekend! I am so excited to get Wylde Ivy back in the swing. Our website won’t be completely stocked by then, but we are taking inventory and making products more and more each day.

We just may even have some new products ready to be released when we reopen! How did we manage that with everything going on? I’m not really sure. We will give you some previews here on our blog….keep your eyes peeled!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wylde Ivy has Walls!

Construction has begun on the walls in the main work area. This is a happy milestone for us….as walls seem to be very important in running a business!

I have also set up a small, temporary work area. I have begun filling the outstanding orders, as the reordered supplies are starting to roll in. I hope to have most of these orders out by the end of the week with the rest going out the beginning of next week. Once those orders have been shipped off, I will begin to slowly open the website back up. I plan to open the website with the inventory that is on hand then add products to it as they are prepared. During this time, there may be more items out of stock then you are used to seeing at Wylde Ivy. We are working as quickly as possible to get thing back to normal around here.

I’ve had some inquiries about the Reopening Sale I mentioned. At this point I cannot say when that is going to officially take place. I want to wait and run it when we are fully operational, running smoothly, and is totally restocked. It will be a celebratory sale for when Wylde Ivy is back to normal operation.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pictures of the last week.

This is a photo of our street that a friend sent to us while we couldn't get into town to see the damage. This photo did not make us feel good. Our house is the blue house in the center of the picture with the large tree in front. You can see the stop sign at the end of the street for water level reference.

This was taken by us when we were finally able to wade through the water to get to the house. This shows all the water behind the house.

Some people managed to have fun.

This is my husband in the front of the shop showing how high the water got there.

This is the doorway leading into the production room. This is how everything looked when we first got in. It was neat and tidy when we left it, I swear! Can you believe there was a glass of milk I had been drinking the morning the flood started that did not spill? The table it was on floated all around the room and then landed ten feet away from where it started with the milk glass still standing perfect and all the contents ontop dry.

Finally, this is how it looks right now. These next two pictures are of the main room(which will be for product packaging and order packing) and the production room. We are cleaned and gutted and waiting to start whipping it into shape!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wylde Ivy and The Flood of 06

Since we’ve gotten so many concerned emails and well wishes from our customers we thought you might all like to know what is going on at Wylde Ivy.

We really wish to thank you all for your thoughts, well wishes, and prayers. It was much appreciated and reading everyone’s emails was a great way to pass the time while we were evacuated and waiting to be let back into town to see our house.

Our business area is the entire first floor of our house. We started to flood a little last Tuesday morning into our business and we did have time to remove almost our entire inventory as well as some important supplies. The flooding quickly turned major as water started rushing in the front door of the business entrance. With the help of family and even the rescue workers (who probably wondered what kind of business we were running with all the bottles and strange powders they were carrying) we managed to get even more of our items out before it became too risky to stay any longer. My husband and I packed our two dogs and ourselves and headed for “higher ground”. We watched the TV and listened to the radio trying to find out what might be happening to our business and home. From the news reports we began to gather it wasn’t good.

The entire business space was gone, we knew that. We could only hope that the water did not reach our second floor of our home. From pictures sent to us we knew it was very close to going in the front door of our home. To make matters worse, all the inventory and supplies we grabbed from the storage rooms were literally thrown up onto our second floor, which was in danger. Finally then next afternoon the roads opened and we were able to get in to see the damages. The entire business floor had been covered by seven feet of water as we had suspected, but miraculously it stayed mere inches from the main floor of our home.

So with inventory and some supplies saved, our home intact, and most importantly all my family safe we feel very lucky and suspect it is largely due to everyone’s thoughts and prayers. The only casualty Wylde Ivy suffered was the loss of the pond goldfish that lived in front of our business entrance for the last 7 years. They were much beloved members of our business and often had customers coming in just to visit them!

So we begin the cleaning process. We were planning on gutting the entire work area soon and updating everything, so this was just a nudge into doing it sooner….with just a little more mud and water then we had planned on having to remove. At this point I really can’t say when Wylde Ivy will be totally back to normal. It was a full time operation that spanned several large rooms and a few smaller storage rooms.

For now I am setting up a temporary workspace and going through the tedious task of logging inventory and supplies to see what needs to be remade and reordered. I will be filling all the pending orders first, then I will begin to adjust the inventory on the website to reflect what is currently available before reopening the website. I am hoping to be able to have the website open with limited inventory around the end of July.

We would not even be close to this stage of rebuilding if it weren’t for the help of family, friends, and all the selfless volunteers that stopped by to lend a hand in the tearing out of walls, floors, and ceilings and the cleaning and removing of debris. While out on a supply run last week, my husband and I came home to find five volunteers from a church over an hour away already hard at work helping our family members gut the damaged areas. The Red Cross has been here from the beginning offering food, water, and supplies and we have also received supplies from the Salvation Army. Actually, as I write this, the Red Cross is outside my home delivering lunch to those that need it. There have been numerous volunteer groups (like the group I mentioned) helping with the rebuilding of our neighborhood and lending a hand where needed. To see people reach out in such a generous way during such a bad time is truly inspiring.

Thank you again.
The Wyle Ivy Family

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Vacation Closing Announcement

We have been getting some questions about our shipping turnaround time before our closing. We thought that we should clear things up and set up a cutoff date by which orders must be received if they are to be shipped prior to our closing.

We will be closed from June 12th to the 21st for vacation. Our website will remain open during this time, but we will be unavailable to answer emails, phone calls, or to ship orders. All orders received during this time will be processed and shipped in the order they were received starting June 22nd.

IMPORTANT: To ensure your order will ship before our closure, it must be received and paid for no later then Noon (EST) on Friday June 9th. Due to our current turnaround time, orders placed after June 9th may not ship before our closure.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Soap Releases for June

I know it has been quite awhile since I have updated the blog. The Mother's Day and Spring rush caught us quite off guard this year. Many of our popular soaps have gone out of stock. We are working hard to get everything remade and ready to be put back up on our website.

The soap release dates for June are as follows:

June 1st:
Tuscan Garden
Pink Chiffon
Lemon Ozone
Tuscan Cypress

Rescheduled to June 22nd (due to our vacation closing):
Shea & Sandalwood Deluxe Handmilled Spa Soap (pictured)
HoneyBee Good!
Raspberry Lemonade
Pure Butter Spa Soap
Crystal Blue
Blackberry Cotton Candy
Creamy Coconut

June 26th
Beachin Berries
Neem and Tea Tree

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Soap Releases for April

We've got a few batches on the curing racks right now. Here's a breakdown on our soap releases and restocks for April.

April 1st:
Blackberry Apple Sorbet
Lime Margarita (Deli Soap)

April 15th:
Celestial Sun
Smores (Deli Soap)

April 24th:
Cocoa Coconut (pictured above)
Summer Fling
Little Shop in Salem

They'll be some addtional releases towards the end of the month, so keep your eye on this post as it'll be updated as soon as the release dates are confirmed.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What's new at Wylde Ivy!

Things have been quiet on the blog front lately. Orders are finally caught up and things are running smoothly since the reopening. Thank to everyone for your support and patronage!

The photo above is of me holding one of the big blocks of freshly made Smores soap (which will be finished curing April 1st!). One of these blocks like shown weights in at 15 pounds and will be cut into 40 bars of soap.

So, what’s new and upcoming at Wylde Ivy?

We’re beginning to make and restock your old summer favorites like Cucumber Chamomile and Blackberry Apple Sorbet, while some other summer soaps are getting facelifts like Crazy Cabana and Petals. We also have our very popular Deli Soaps like Smores and Lime Margarita made and curing nicely waiting for their April 1st ready date.

Well, I’ve personally been working on some brand new soap scents for the summer….tropical, fruity, soft florals, and more! Many, many scents have been tested…which means out of every 25 or so that are tested, maybe 1 or 2 fragrances makes the cut. I am extremely picky when it comes to choosing the scents will be put into production. We may not come out with dozens of new scents each season, but my strict testing ensure the scents we release are super!

I’ll let a little info slip regarding some of the soaps we’re working on. I’ve tested Beachin Berries and Sandcastles in soap. Now the test bars still have some more time to cure until the final decision is made so these scent won’t be set in stone. Let me tell you, Beachin Berries is pure summer in a bar! Sandcastles…found in our Aroma Melts…is just as sophisticated and breezy smelling as the Melt you’ve come to love! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that these two scents stand the test of time and are able to be put into production.

I’ve also been testing new scents for our Deli Soap line. It has been awhile since we had any new major additions to that soap line. We have some really funky and fun scent combos in mind! We also have the wheels turning on a new line of soaps we’ve been thinking of doing. If all goes as planned, you may see a new line of soaps in the near future for Wylde Ivy…think juicy, ripe fruit blends that are “Smoothie” worthy!
As you can tell, we’ll really be spending the time creating new soaps to add to our line. Since the approaching summer months mean products like our Scrubs, True Butters, and Zoft conditioners will not ship well in the extreme heat, we’ll be turning our full attention to creating great new products.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Win Free Perfume Samples-Contest Over, We Have our Winners!

Contest is over, we have our winners! Thank you!! Winners will be notified via email this evening (Jan 11th).

Free to the first five people who email me!

I have five sample sets of the new perfumes that will be released on Jan 23 sitting here waiting to find a new home! I’ll send one set to each of the first five people who email me! These sample sets will be in an oil base and come packaged in the small glass perfume vials that we sell our samples in. They will be mailed in a padded envelope via first class mail on Monday.

For a chance to win the free samples send an email to and be sure to put PERFUME SAMPLE in the title of the email. I will contact the first five winners by Friday evening for your mailing address. Good Luck!

Brief teaser description:

Whispers: a very complex blend with top notes of vanilla musk, middle notes of soft berries, and finally a dry down of sheer white petals. This is not an overwhelming floral, but a beautiful, feminine blend of all notes.

Dark Musk: Almost born in Africa, this fragrance is a mysterious and deep fusion of Musk, Rose, and Sandalwood. This scent is captivating.

Sheer Musk: Inspired by the warm, fresh days of spring we are all waiting for, Sheer Musk is a lighthearted blend of light musk, sheer petals, a dash of vanilla and sweet fruit. This scent will make you want to shed your winter coats and go shopping for sandals!

Santa Ana, for Women: Well woman just swooned over our Men’s line fragrance Santa Ana so much so that we decided to do a blend just for the ladies. Even though Santa Ana could easily be a unisex fragrance, we took it a step further and toned it down with just a touch of Rose and Vanilla.

Irresistible: Our Valentine’s Day inspired fragrance! I personally spent a whole month tweaking this perfume to get it just right! I had envisioned a sweet, but not too sweet, blend that was sexy, fresh, and unique and (here was the tricky part) smelled “red”. It’s sweet sparkling blend that doesn’t sacrifice the sex appeal factor. Sweet top notes of sugar open up to a heart of cranberry and ending with a hint of vanilla bean, musk, sandalwood, and fresh blossoms.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Sugar Cakes ~ A New Scent!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’ve been thinking a lot about sweets. We have the two new Chocolate soaps coming out, but wanted something a little "lighter". In our search for a perfect Vanilla blend, we developed Sugar Cake. Sugar Cake is a blend of Vanilla Cookies, Yellow Cake, and sweet Cane Sugar. This blend is a must for bakery scent lovers! Look for this scent in Body Washes, Lotions, and Bath Bombs on January 23rd!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Perfumes from Wylde Ivy

As we said in an earlier blog entry, we'll be discontinuing our fragrance dupes to concentrate on bringing you more exclusive unique blends. For our reopening on January 23rd, we have six new perfumes that we'll be unveiling! We are working on some others that may or may not be ready in time...we don't want to rush them.
Our new perfumes include a new light and airy musk, a women's version of the popular men's fragrance Santa Ana, a beautiful light floral and fruity musk with vanilla notes, and a special perfume inspired by Valentines Day!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Just out of the Mold....

New Tarts!
Two new tarts we're getting ready for release just came out of the mold tonight!

Cocoa Beans: A divine blend of chocolate and nuts, with just a hint of vanilla bean sweetness. This is a very unique, sophisticated chocolate blend!

Lemonilla Cake: Yellow cake with a strong tangy lemon filling and a sweet vanilla glaze.

These two new tarts, and more, will be available on January 23rd!

Wylde Ivy Says "NO!" to Dupes

Upon reopening, Wylde Ivy will not be manufacturing any more "Dupes" to use in our products. "Dupes" are copies of already famous, big name company fragrances. We've been feeling increasingly guilty about using these duped fragrances in our products and would like to be known for our own scent blends rather then just copying someone else's.
Watch for our current duped fragrances to be on clearance. These include scents like Ambra (Ambra de Nepal dupe), Bliss (Lovespell dupe), Celestial Moon (basically de Madagascar dupe), and Candy Girl (Pink Sugar dupe).
We know we are taking a big step discontinuing these much loved fragrances from our line, but overall feel confident in our decision to move forward with our company.
We'll be releasing many great new perfume blends upon our reopeing on January 23rd. These scents are in the final stages now, they're all ready and just need to be named!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Almond Honey Cookie

New Deli Soap!
Wylde Ivy's newest Deli soap in on the curing rack! Almond Honey Cookie is strong almond, with a rounding note of honey and just a kiss of sweetness. It is cut fresh from a round log for a cool round soap "cookie". Ground Flax Seed and Oat Bran are added for gentle exfoliating.
Available when we reopen on January 23rd!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Limited Edition Valentine's Day Soaps

New for our website reopening, Limited Edition Valentine's Day soaps! These soaps are a one run batch only, meaning once they are sold, they will not be remade (well, at least not until next February!).
These soaps were just cut today, and they smell divine! Just a hint (sorry, no pictures of them), they are inspired by gourmet chocolates! One is a mix of dark chocolate and rich and tart raspberry syrup and the other is a blend of rich chocolates with a hint of cinnamon and spices.
Be on the look out of these limited soaps when we reopen on January 23rd!