Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pictures of the last week.

This is a photo of our street that a friend sent to us while we couldn't get into town to see the damage. This photo did not make us feel good. Our house is the blue house in the center of the picture with the large tree in front. You can see the stop sign at the end of the street for water level reference.

This was taken by us when we were finally able to wade through the water to get to the house. This shows all the water behind the house.

Some people managed to have fun.

This is my husband in the front of the shop showing how high the water got there.

This is the doorway leading into the production room. This is how everything looked when we first got in. It was neat and tidy when we left it, I swear! Can you believe there was a glass of milk I had been drinking the morning the flood started that did not spill? The table it was on floated all around the room and then landed ten feet away from where it started with the milk glass still standing perfect and all the contents ontop dry.

Finally, this is how it looks right now. These next two pictures are of the main room(which will be for product packaging and order packing) and the production room. We are cleaned and gutted and waiting to start whipping it into shape!


Maggie S. said...

Wow! That's so nuts!

Best of luck with the renovations/re-build. Here's hoping you guys get back on your feet soon.

LushieJane said...

Hi Ashlee, Wow you are all working fast! When I was enjoying my shower today, (with some of my favorite Wylde Ivy soap)I remembered that you were not having an easy time right now. So I am sending warm, comforting thoughts and wishes to you and hoping that you will also get to enjoy a wonderful, relaxing bath too. Here's to you, your family and all those who have helped you get things back together (raises cup of tea)- here, here!~
LushieJane (Jane Luke, outside Tampa)