Friday, March 23, 2007

Wylde Ivy Opens at 3:00!

We will be officially open Friday, March 23rd at 3:00pm EST! We are opening up with lots of new products and with a Clearance sale on many items!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Discontinued Scents and Products

Unfortunately, there comes a time when new products are added that we must take a look at our line of current offerings and decide their fate. To make room for the new Spring and Summer inventory, both being added to the site now and the upcoming releases we have planned, the following products/scents are being removed from our product line:

  • Winter Seasonal Scents: As American as Apple Pie (we'll keep this around in a soap scent for just a little while longer), Marshmallow Gingerbread, Ice Princess, Woodland Orchard (this one will be kept in stock as an Aroma Melt and Soap), and Winter Pear.
  • Bella Vanille: As much as I personally adore this fragrance, the sales have been too slow to justify keeping its space in our inventory.
  • Perfume scents: BabyCakes, Blush, Celestial, Frivolous, Irresistible, Scarlet, Such A Flirt, and Sweet Serendipity.
  • Seasonal Aroma Melts: Gingered Pineapple, HoneyBear, Ice Princess, Make Mine a Mocha, Orange Glazed Gingerbread, Pantry Door, September Spice, and Vanilla Nut.
  • Aroma Melts: Angel Cake, Buttercream Brulee, Cocoa Beans, Frank N Orange, French Vanilla, Lime Margarita, and Simple Pleasures.
  • Silken Body Oils: We will also be (hopefully only temporarily) discontinuing our Silken Body Oils. We became aware of a problem with the packaging. We have tried several other packaging solutions in the time that we have been closed, none of which solved the problem. We have a few more ideas to explore. Once we are able to get the problem solved, we will begin to make this product again.
  • Honey Nut Cream: We are also removing this product temporally, to reformulate the scent. The vanilla content in the current scent we use for this product causes the cream to turn anywhere from a light pink to a deep lavender color (depending on the exposure to light). Discoloration is common in products that contain vanilla based fragrances. Though this does not affect the product or the scent, we would like to find a scent that will cause a less drastic color change.

We are still in the process of taking inventory and updating our online inventory and website. The products that are being moved to the Clearance categories will go on special Friday, March 23rd when we reopen. It is always hard to make the decision to discontinue a product or scent or to pull it from inventory to do some reformulating. We only do this so we can continue to offer you the best possible products and well as new and exciting scents that correspond with the changing seasons.

Thank you all, and we are looking forward to opening the "virtual doors" of the Wylde Ivy store on Friday and getting back to preparing and shipping your orders! Stay tuned to our Blog for information on the exact opening time on Friday!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Soap Release Teaser #3

Even though this is our final Soap Teaser for the Summer Seasonal Release on March 23rd, that does not mean that we are finished making new soaps for the season. I have been planning and concocting new soaps and scents, so you will find new surprises popping up at Wylde Ivy throughout the Spring and Summer seasons!

Our final four, all new soaps for this year are (names may yet change as nothing is final here until we stick on the labels!):


A fresh warm summer breeze carrying the sweet fragrance budding of wildflowers.

Pink Pearls

A fresh mix of fruits and tropical flowers.

Fairy Lily

Delicate Lily of the Valley blossoms


A heavy blend of Tuberose, Jasmine, and Gardenia petals.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Soap Release Teaser #2

As promised, here is our next installment of new soap pictures! This group of soap is the newest Limited Edition Delis that will release on March 23rd! Next week, most likely mid-week I will be posting a the final list of all scents and products that will be discontinued either for the season (as in our Winter Seasonal Scents) or permanently. Be sure to stop by next Friday as well to get a peek of more all new soaps!

Ok...on with the soaps!

This poor soap is unnamed so far....we just can't seem to agree! This is the scent "Crazy Cabana" from last year, but the name just might change by the time it is released.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Email Announcement

It seems that we are experiencing some problems sending and responding to emails from Verizon accounts. This problem is being looked into and hopefully will be resolved soon. If you use Verizon email and have recently tried to contact us we may not have received it, or you may not have received our reply due to this technical issue. If you use Verizon and have not received a response from us and have an alternate email account (such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) please contact us using that until this problem is sorted out. Sorry for any trouble this may cause.

Soap Release Teaser #1

Look at this bright and cheery group of soaps! Your favorite and bestselling soaps from last year return! Summer Fling, Blackberry Apple Sorbet, Sandcastles, and Beachin' Berries are back for this year and will be available on March 23rd! In addition to the soaps above, we'll be releasing brand new soaps! Check back in next Friday for a sneak peak and the new goods coming to Wylde Ivy! We may just pop in and post some more Wylde Ivy gossip here before Friday!

Ok, ok....just a quick picture of one of our newest Deli Soaps to hold you over, but I'm not telling what scent it is just yet!