Saturday, April 30, 2011

Name That Scent

or I should say, Name Those Scents!

I have six new scents all ready to go that are, at the moment, nameless. A few days ago I was venting via my facebook and twitter accounts when some lovely people offered to help. So here it is, I'm asking for help!

Help me name my new scents and not only will you get the thrill of seeing your creativity immortalized on a perfume bottle (a bit dramatic I know but I've been inside way too long today and it has me a bit punchy), you will also win a $20 gift certificate to my shop!

If you are feeling extra ambitious and are the type who likes to go for the extra credit you can also submit a fun, eloquent, and/or dramatic (there it is again) description to go with the name. You know I always like a good little story to go along with my scents.

Here are the notes and the briefest description of the scents. I'm excited to see what you come up with. I'm purposely not giving you any idea of what my inspiration was for the scents just because I'm really curious to see how your visions compare to the ones I had when creating them.

The Scents
1 - Sweet, playful, warm, and sexy.
Chilled green apple, smooth vanilla musk, white amber, sandalwood, a hint of jasmine petals, and citrus peel.

2 - Sweet lemons on the branch, green leaves, sun warmed wildflowers, crushed kiwi, and a slight breeze of warm salty ocean air

3 - Delicate and demure, hauntingly feminine. Sweet and fresh without being cloying or heavy.
Notes of lotus blossom, bergamot, bamboo leaves, summer apples, jasmine, white amber, green musk, and sparkling narcissus

4 - Outgoing and fun, a flirty blend of jasmine and orange peels, warm sandalwood, emerald ferns, shimmering white florals, bluebells, and sheer musk

5 - Sun brewed red tea infused with fresh coconut and vanilla beans and a touch of sugar cubes and lemon

6 - A brooding blend of fresh cracked coconut infused with deep, dark bourbon vanilla beans, and a touch of dried driftwood

The How To's and Rules
1. To enter, please use the contact form on my website which you can find by clicking here
2. Please reference the number of the scent with the name and/or description you are sending me
3. You may enter as many names as you would like
4. In the event that I choose a name that has been submitted by more then one person, the first person who submitted it will be the winner.
5. I will accepting submissions until 3:00pm EST on Monday May 3rd. Winning names will announced later that evening.
6. The creator of each chosen name will receive a $20 gift certificate to my shop.
7. Have fun!