Monday, November 24, 2014

Annual Thankful Sale!

It's that time of year again for me.  A time to look back on my years in business, look ahead with new plans and ideas, and be thankful for all my customers that make it all possible.

20% Storewide sale on all full sized products!  Samples are 10% off.  Take advantage of Wylde Ivy's only annual storewide sale.  No coupons needed.  All prices are already marked down.  Sale prices in effect through December 1st.

Because sale prices are already active, not coupon codes will accepted during this time.  Turnaround time will be longing for sale orders.  Please allow up to 10 business days for me to prepare and ship your order.  Should your order require more than the stated turnaround time, I will contact you.  Shop early, products and scents that sell out will not be restocked after the New Year.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Video Review of Wylde Ivy's Halloween Perfumes

Curious about Wylde Ivy's Halloween Line of scents?  Perhaps this will help!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Farewell to Summer

With a heavy heart, I have said my goodbyes to summer.  The leaves are changing and falling here already.  Autumn has fully arrived.   Today is the very last day that my Spring and Summer scents will be available in my shop

Goodbye to:
Blackberry Cotton Candy
Coconut Island Castaway
Creamy Coconut
Dragonfly Blue
Dreaming of Violets
Driftwood and Coconut
Green Grass
Just a Look
Island Beauty
Olive Leaf and Lemon
Pearl Dust
Pink Willow
She Sells Sea Shells
Sugar is Bliss
Summer Fling
Tiki's been fun.  We'll see you next year!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

A New Halloween Scent and a Contest!

The Scent:
Sinisterly sweet, warm, and sultry. Notes of smoked vanilla pods splashed with bourbon, amber resin smothered with caramelized sugar, pomegranate soaked orchid petals, and spicy pink peppercorns all wrapped in a thin veil of delicate musk.
Fans of It's My Party Bad Girl Edition will enjoy this darker, slightly less sweet scent.

This scent belongs to the Halloween Collection. The products from this collection are available until November 1st.  Find the entire collection here.


*****Story My Scent Contest*****

If you're a follower of Wylde Ivy, you probably know that I love to start my Halloween scents out with a story. Usually, I have the story in my head before I begin formulating the scents. Well, this scent was born a little differently. I had the name and the label art in my head first, and created the scent around that. As I sat staring at a blank monitor trying to compose the story, I decided to take the fun way out. I'm letting you write the story! The rules are simple. Really anything goes...short, long, silly, scary, avant garde, or long as it is safe for general audiences. Submissions are due by October 29th. I will announce the winner on Halloween. The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Wylde Ivy. Please email your submission to soap [at] Need some inspiration? Check out my other Halloween scents in my Etsy shop.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mid Summer Updates and New Scents

It feels shocking to admit that we are truly halfway through our summer here.  Time flies when you're having fun, it's true.   I have so much exiting news, so many exciting releases, so much that I've been working on for so long....I simply don't know where to start!  I'm gushing.

Lets start out with the re-release of one of my most beloved and popular scents of all time...Raindancer!  I had to retire Raindancer a few years ago when two of the scent components that I used in the blend had been retired by the manufacturer.  All this time, I've been working to bring back Raindancer.  It is finally happening!  Reformulated slightly, but with all the same notes that you have fallen in love it, Raindancer is available again in all its sweet, rainy, beauty. 

There is a vision of a dark haired woman in blue, catching the raindrops in her upturned palms as she turns round and round. Graceful and carefree.
Notes of: watery lily, gardenia, meringue, ambered musk, vanilla, lily of the valley, summer rain, jasmine, sandalwood, and sweet wood musk. 

You can find Raindancer in my Etsy Shop 

This month's (and next month's too) Scents of the Month are all in brand new, never before offered, never before smelled!  Two fantastic summer scents.  White Light is light and bouncy and perfect for summer days.  Night Heat is deep, rich, and so seductive and is perfect for sultry summer nights.  
White Light
Bright and effortless White Light is the flirty scent of careless summer days, sunglasses, and sundresses.
Notes of sweet island fruits, crisp mandarin peel, creamy coconut milk, lemon leaf, jasmine petals, and warm white musk infused with magnolia flowers.   

You can find White Light in my Etsy Shop

Night Heat 
So rich, so deep, so exotic.  You don't have to cool off  just because the sun goes down.  The rich but unassuming scent of amber musk, myrrh, dried vanilla, night blooming jasmine, aged sandalwood, and a kiss of clove bud.

You can find Night Heat in my Etsy Shop.

I have also added two brand new scents to my Men's Shop lineup.  I'm particular about all of my scents, but I"m specifically particular about my Men's Scents.  I find almost all commercially available men's scents to to be aggressive and strong for my nose.  I always strive to create scents that are unique and enticing....scents that just beg you to get closer when you smell them.

I'm thrilled in introduce:

Clean, sleek, and modern, and with just a touch of woodsy roughness.
Notes of clean ozone, rich oak, dried citrus peel, oak moss, black musk, and deep sandalwood.   

Issue 47  
Mysteriously enticing, rugged, and warm.  A perfect blending of spices, rare woods, and smooth sweet myrrh.  Rich and unique.
Notes of aged woods, cardamom, clove, sweet manderin, smooth frankincense, ancient amber, and rich myrrh resin. 

Both of these new men's scents can be found in my Etsy Shop

I can't forget that I have also restocked Little Shop in Salem soap and released Electric Berry soap.   To celberate the Electric Berry soap, I'm keeping the rest of the Electric Berry lineup in my shop through July!



To celebrate summer, Raindancer, and my newest scents, enjoy 20% off of orders over $50 and 10% off orders over $25 in my Etsy Shop.  Use coupon code MIDSUMMER20 for the 20% off and MIDSUMMER10 for 10% off.  Coupon codes expire Sunday July 13th.  This will be the last sale of the summer!
Coupon code expires July 13, 2014 at midnight EST.  Shipping and taxes do not count towards your order minimum.  Cannot be applied to previously placed orders.  Please note there will be an increased turnaround time for orders placed during the sale due to increased volume.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Back and Gone Again

It seems like I just got back in the shop after my last minute trip two weeks ago and now I'm prepping to be closed down again.  I'll be out of the office from June 27 - July 7th.  I promised some goodies upon my return from my last closure, but I needed just a little bit more time to pull everything together.  So, be sure to be on the lookout for my newsletter when I reopen on the 7th, because the goodies are ready to go this time!  I'm restocking the Little Shop in Salem soap and I have another new soap ready to go.  There will be fresh Scents of the Month, and when I say fresh...I mean all new!  I'm also working on a return of a previously discontinued scent that I'm very excited about.  My current Scents of the Month (Nectar, Forgotten Rose, Neroli Creme, and Daydreamer) will be retired to make room for the new scents.

Sign up for my newsletter, you do not want to miss this news!  I will share the newsletter on facebook, but with all the recent facebook changes, they are severely limited the reach of business pages.  I'm going to be relying more on my blog and newsletter to keep in touch with my customers. 

Thanks again and enjoy your summer!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

2014 Spring Collection

It's finally here!  Spring!  After a much, much too long winter, we are finally seeing some spring like weather here.  I feel like celebrating!  What better way to celebrate than with a season release.  What wonderful timing!  Because it is such good timing, I'm also offering a shop wide special.  Take 20% all orders over $35.00 with coupon code HAPPYSPRING.  Offer valid through April 3, 2014 at my Etsy Shop

There are 16 returning scents from last  year, 3 all new scents, and 2 Scents of the Month for April!

My Fall and Winter collection will be retiring on April 4th.  Time to stock up on your must haves!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Getting Ready for the Spring Release

...but first today I have another fabulous winter scent on sale. 

The Scent:
The golden autumn sun enveloped her in its rich warm light. She laughed and then closed her eyes and breathed deeply. A breezed stirred at that moment and it loosened several of the crimson oak leaves above and sent them spinning wildly to the ground. They landed silently, bold colors on the emerald grass. She laughed again, twirled like the leaves, and outstretched her hands to the autumn sun.

Deep, golden, warmed with a touch of spice, and grounded by dry woods.

Notes of: Dry wood, Tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla, beeswax, raw honey, teakwood, cinnamon, cardamom, amber, and cedar.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spice Trade and Rustic Pumpkin Soaps on Sale

Since I missed putting up a new special for yesterday, I'm discounted two of my winter collection soaps today. 

Spice Trade is the warm and rich scent of the finest amber resin and myrrh with dried orange slices, cinnamon bark, cardamon, and clove on a base of woodsmoke, vanilla beans, and antique wood.

Rustic Pumpkin is the scrumptious scent of sweet pumpkin custard topped with ginger, nutmeg, fresh grated cinnamon, and coarse sugar. There is a hint of dry woods and fall breezes.

Monday, March 24, 2014

25% Off Solstice Road

The special of the day today is on Solstice Road Perfume.  If Hello, September is my favorite scent from my winter line, Solstice Road is a very close second!   Smooth and warm, Solstice Road begins with rich notes of ancient amber and woody vanilla. It is sweeten with a touch of black molasses, myrrh, and just a hint of dried pumpkin infused with cardamom and clove.

25% off for 24 hours only.  You can find Solstice Road here

Saturday, March 22, 2014

25% off Hello September

Today's Daily Deal counting down to the Spring and Summer Launch is on my favorite perfume from the Fall and Winter Collection, Hello September.
Scorching summer days fade into the soft, golden light of autumn. September washes over us with its soft warmth and for the briefest moment, the trees explode in a torrent of color.

Hello, September is all things warm and golden. This rich scent, as smooth as the first light of autumn, begins with soft amber wrapped in warmed vanilla. It has a heart of rich musk and finishes with tonka beans and orchid petals.

You can find Hello September here 

Friday, March 21, 2014

Talk about Spring

I'm not going to lie, this winter has been hard on family.  My twins started Kindergarten in the fall and I believe we have been infected with every contagious kid illness known to man in the last seven months.  Throw into the mix the adjustment to a school schedule, soccer practice, soccer games, a new business venture for me, the winter holidays, four family birthdays, playdates, school programs, a trip to Disney, and one horribly grueling and unrelenting winter for us here in southern Pennsylvanian.  There is still snow on the ground as I type this.  I am not built for the cold. 

The good news is that it is coming to an end...hopefully soon..  I'm looking forward to the burst of spring color and mild spring days, a new collection on flirty, delicate, and fun scents to add to my shop.  Onto some shop news.

The new 2014 Spring and Summer scents will be trickling into my shop over the next few days.  I will be starting with the returning scents and ending with the all new scents (for most of which I'm still in the process of naming and creating label art).  The official launch date is April 1st (no kidding!)
Returning scents are:
Dreaming of Violets
Creamy Coconut
Dragonfly Blue
Driftwood Coconut
Green Grass
Island Beauty
Lost Island
Pearl Dust
Olive Leaf and Lemon
She Sells Sea Shells
Summer Fling

Most of the Fall and Winter scents will be retiring on April 4th. 
The retiring scents are:
Alas, Sunflower
Amber & Spice
Apple Kiss Kiss
Being Cleo
Dark November
Ginger and; Brulee
Hello September
Kiss Me in the Park
Pumpkin Masquerade
Solstice Road
Spice Trader
Spiced Patchouli
Vanilla Snowfall
Vintage Honey
Winter Cranberry
Woodland Cider

From now until the Spring and Summer launch on April 1st, I will have a new daily special.  Today's special is 20% off Winter Scent Aroma Melts.  Stock is extremely limited.  See them here Winter Aroma Melts