Friday, December 19, 2008

and to all, a good night!

I'm just finishing up some last minute business and then I'm closing Wylde Ivy until the New Year! I'm going to finish making some Christmas gifts, bake cookies, finish my tree, and start showing my little girls what exactly it all means!

So a very Happy Holidays to everyone and a have a wonderful (and safe) New Year! Thank you all for your support throughout this year and your patience and kind words and thoughts while I was on my (extended) maternity leave.

I will "see" you all in the New Year!

The Dust Has Settled...

Well, all the sale orders are taken care of and are on their merry way! That was quite a sale! Thank you to everyone who placed an order!

My stock room is very bare looking now, especially in the soap section. I have to do some major restocking in the next few weeks. I already have some soap made and curing. You can look for the soaps to start being restocked mid January.

I'll be back open on January 5th so you can expect a newsletter sometime shortly after that. Don't forget that the Custom Shop will be open on January 5th as well!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

35% Off Storewide!

For all you last minute shoppers out there, I've got a great two day only special! Take 35% off your entire order at Wylde Ivy!

Just enter coupon code LASTMINUTE into your shopping cart before you checkout. Coupon code expires Saturday December 13th 2008 at midnight!

Be sure to get all those last minute gifts on your shopping list (and maybe a little treat all for yourself while you are at it!).

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Got Reviews? Send them in for a Chance to Win!

For quite some time (actually an embarrassingly long time) I've been meaning to put together a reviews section on the website. I would like there to be a place where you could go to read reviews of scents and the products as well.

Right now, there is a place in each product listing where members of my website (people that have signed up for a free customer account and are logged in) can leave and read product reviews. Since I now use drop down menus for the scent choices instead individual product listings for each scent, there is no where for reviews of the scents themselves to be left.

This will be my project for the New Year! I want to compile a list of reviews (both for the scents and the products) into one page so you can view them quickly and easily. I can't promise this will happen very fast since my little ones are now very mobile and need lots of attention.

I need your help!
Send me your reviews and you'll be entered in the monthly drawing! For every review you send me, your name will be dropped into a bowl. You get an entry for each scent or product you review! In the beginning of each month, I'll draw a name from the bowl and that person will get a $25.00 Wylde Ivy gift certificate! The more reviews you send me, the more chances you'll have of winning.

Just a few rules.
Of coarse there are always rules. I need helpful, informative reviews. I won't honor reviews that simply say "I like it" or "It didn't work for me". Tell me (or actually the readers why you liked it, what notes you smell, what is smells like to you, or how it makes you feel. I'm doing this for my customers so they can get a better grasp of the scents before ordering. Please only write reviews for scents and products you have actually tried. I am planning more contests for 2009 that will be open to all (both long time Wylde Ivy customers and for people who have never tried Wylde Ivy). I reserve the right to reject entries if I feel that they are being written by someone who has not smelled or tried the product. By submitting your review, you are giving me permission to post your review on my website, newsletter, Etsy shop, Myspace, and/or Blog. When I post the reviews I will use only your first name. If you prefer to remain an anonymous contributor please let me know when you submit your reviews.

Be as creative and eloquent as you like!
I know sometimes I just have so many things going on at once that I don't leave enough energy for describing my scents. I love all my little scent creations and sometimes I just do not do the little guys justice with my descriptions! If I really love your review I may use it in the scent descriptions! If I do, you will automatically get a $25.00 gift certificate plus your name will still be dropped into the drawing bowl for a chance to win the drawing.

How to Submit Your Reviews
Use the contact form on my website. You can find that here Be sure you use a valid email address (double check that you have entered it correctly) so if your name is drawn I will be able to contact you. You can enter as many times as you wish. You may also review multiple scents at once (you will still reviews a drawing entry for each and every scent!). You don't need to send an email for each review. Just be sure you let me know which scent you are reviewing.
Please indicate that your a submitting the reviews for the contest entry.

You may not see your review added to the website immediately. This is going to be a side project. Your name will be entered into the drawing as soon as I receive it however, even if it takes me a little while to get your review posted.

You may review all Wylde Ivy scents, products, and even my customer service if you wish!

The first drawing will be in February 2009. Winners will be contacted via email.

Thanks and have fun!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

One Day Left to Order from the Custom Shop

There is only one day left to order items from the Custom Shop. Because the holidays are very busy and I want to work on new scents, after the Custom Shop closes tomarrow night it will stay closed until January 5th.

The next dates for the Custom Shop will be January 5th through the 12th.

I will be sending samples of some of the new scents that I'm working on with all the outgoing orders from my website! I am also working on a body mist. I actually have been for quite some time. I'm getting close to having a formula that I am happy with. I'll keep you posted on the progress!