Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Get Blog Posts in Your Email!

Ok, so I admit that I'm not the best blogger. Sometimes I get so busy making products and filling orders that I let weeks go by without posting to the blog. I'm trying to get a little better at that. If you are tired of stopping by here only to see old and out of date posts or if you don't stop by too often and find that you've missed some news, I've added a new feature for you! Now you can receive blog posts directly to your email! Just enter your email in the box to the right (don't forget to look the for the activation email that will be sent to your inbox...you'll need to click on a link found inside to activate you subscription). After that you can sit back and relax. If I post a new blog entry, you'll receive an email that afternoon containing the contents of the post! If I don't post a new entry, you won't receive a thing! Oh and don't worry, unsubscribing is easy. There is an unsubscribe link at the end of each email you'll receive.

....so I'll get blogging and you can get reading!

The Summer '08 Release Insiders Scoop #1

I've received lots of emails asking what scents will be returning to Wylde Ivy this summer as well as what new scents are "cooking". I still have a little bit of work to do on the summer line before I can release it so I'll be giving you little hits and teaser pics here on the blog to hold you over!

The first two scents that are returning this year are Sandcastles and Coconut Island Castaway. These will be available all summer long!

The next Insider Scoop will reveal a new scent for this year! Stay tuned!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Blog Readers Special!

All five coupons have been redeemed. Blog readers special is over. Thanks!
I just activated five coupons for free shipping on the Wylde Ivy website. The first five people to read this post and place an order using coupon code BLOGFREESHIP will receive free shipping on any size order! You must enter the coupon code in the coupon code box at the top of the shopping cart page and hit the submit button to use your coupon. If you receive an error message saying the code is invalid, it means that all five codes were already used.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Soap Release Schedule for June

I'm in full gear trying to get the soaps restocked as well as bring you the great new soaps I have planned as soon as possible. I will keep updating this post as I continue to cure new soaps!

The following soaps are curing now! Names and release dates are subject to change.

June 9th:

Creamy Coconut
White Cashmere
Tuscan Garden
Fairy Lily
New Soap 1 (sneak preview coming soon!)
New Soap 2 (sneak preview coming soon!)

June 16th:
African Vanilla Bean
New Soap 3 (sneak preview coming soon!)
New Soap 4 (sneak preview coming soon!)
New Soap 5 (sneak preview coming soon!)
New Soap 6 (sneak preview coming soon!)
New Soap 7 (sneak preview coming soon!)
New Soap 8 (sneak preview coming soon!)

June 27th:
Green Grass
HoneyBee Good!
Lime Fizz
New Soap 9 (sneak preview coming soon!)
New Soap 10 (sneak preview coming soon!)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Behind the scenes at Wylde Ivy...restocks and more!

Well I must say that it feels so good to get back into the shop....even though I have an intimidating list of restocks and new items to make. Getting the Sudz and Zoft restocked is the top of my list as I know so many of you are really missing them since my maternity leave. I have the Rosemary Rhassoul Sudz finished now and will just hold off adding them to the site for a few days just until I can get the Monoi and Coconut Sudz and Zoft finished as well. The Sudz are very time consuming to make so I can only manage to make one variety a day.

The All Olive Lotion is now being made Paraban free! This is a great thing, but it also means that I have to remake the entire inventory! You'll see the new Paraban free formula hitting the store soon.

I have so many new soap scents and ideas that my head is actually spinning! I'm working on getting some of my main line soaps restocked before I run off making all the new soaps. Ok ok...maybe I'll slip a new soap in here and there just to treat myself! Stay tuned for some sneak peeks of new soap!

Also in the works are the new summer scents. Sandcastles, Coconut Island Castaway, Pink Strawberry, and Summer Fling will all be returning this year with a few all new scents (I'll be giving you a preview of the new scents right here on the blog soon!).

The ever popular Scent of the Month program will be returning and I have some great scents lined up like Creamy Coconut, Lemon-tine, Green Grass, and Tuscan Garden!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Name that Scent Contest!

Everyone's much beloved Tuscan Garden scent will be returning soon to Wylde Ivy. Now I have to admit I just plain don't like the name! When I first released the scent, I was in such a hurry to get it out that I rushed on coming up with the name. It has bugged me ever since. So it is time for a change and I need your help!

To all you creative minds out there, Tuscan Garden needs a new name! If you are familiar with the scent from previous years then you are already ahead of the game. Send you name suggestions to us by using the contact form on our website. You can find that here...http://www.wyldeivy.com/help.php?section=contactus&mode=update

If you are not familiar with the scent, here is the description we used last year.

One of the most unique and fresh scents we’ve come across in awhile. Imagine standing on a Mediterranean Vista with swirls of lush greens, sparkling fruits, Jasmine & Violets, and of coarse, Olive Blossoms surrounding you on a warm summer breeze.

All orders are now being shipped with a sample of the perfume oil to help you along in the contest (samples are being offered while supplies last). You may submit as many names as you wish. We will notify the winner via email. The contest will run until the end of May.

Now for the good stuff! The winner will receive an entire Tuscan Garden collection (with the new name of coarse!) The collection will include lotion, soap, body oil, scrub, and perfume (and any other item we decide to make in that scent)!

Also, if you are feeling particularly creative you may submit a new description for the scent. The winning scent description will receive a Tuscan Garden giftset containing a soap, lotion, and body oil!