Monday, April 21, 2008

Any Day Now....

I'll be opening Wylde Ivy's doors (well virtual doors that is) any day now. I'm finishing up inventory, returning messages and emails, and updating the website. It feels good to be back in the shop.

My plans are to open back up with the stock I have on hand...with a sale of coarse! I need to make room for the summer items that I'll be making. If you are a newsletter subscriber, keep your eyes peeled for the opening announcement email. I'll be launching new items a little later. Stay tuned to the blog for sneak peeks and insider news regarding the new products.

...and because I am proud that I actually have new pictures of the girls uploaded off of my camera, I'll end this post with some baby cuteness!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wylde Ivy is Gearing Back Up....

Now that our girls are home and doing so well...I'm itching to get back to work.

I'm planning on opening back up shortly and selling off the remaining stock with a clearance sale for seasonal items as well as some items that will be discontinued. I'm making some changes to the line...mostly packaging I'll need to clear and make room for the new. After that, I'll begin to manufacture the Summer line. I'm excited about this, I just love summer scents!

Bare with me in the next few weeks. I'll need to get used to a whole new work routine as well. Usually it was nothing for me to work 12 hours days which now will obviously not be possible with two little baby girls. I'm reorganizing, getting some more help, and streamlining my operations to help move things along faster.

I've got so many ideas for new soaps and scents I'm about ready to burst!

Stay tuned for more information....

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Girls are Finally Home

After an agonizing month long Neonatal Intensive Care stay, our girls are finally home with us and our family is complete! Everyone is doing well and our little girls are growing like weeds now.

We want to sincerely thank everyone for their encouraging emails, well wishes, and positive thoughts during our difficult time.

....and now onto the photos!
This is me the day the girls came home and actually the first time I was able to hold the two of them at the same time.
Here's Maya

and Lily....

and the two of them...Maya on the left and Lily on the right.....