Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The Girls are Finally Home

After an agonizing month long Neonatal Intensive Care stay, our girls are finally home with us and our family is complete! Everyone is doing well and our little girls are growing like weeds now.

We want to sincerely thank everyone for their encouraging emails, well wishes, and positive thoughts during our difficult time.

....and now onto the photos!
This is me the day the girls came home and actually the first time I was able to hold the two of them at the same time.
Here's Maya

and Lily....

and the two of them...Maya on the left and Lily on the right.....


Kyrissaean said...

OH MY GOODNESS! THEY'RE SO BEAUTIFUL! So happy to hear they're home. Thanks for the update!

Julie van Ree said...

That's it! I'm jealous! I don't know how you did it but it took me almost four months to lose the baby weight after I had my son!

You look great and the babies are so gorgeous! It's wonderful news that they are home and you are all happy and healthy!

All Our Best,
Julie & Patrick van Ree

Lisa said...

Ashlee, they are so precious! Congratulations again! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you did it look great!!!!!

Your girls are so beautiful too!!

Glad everyone is doning so well!

Wylde Ivy said...

Thanks so much everyone!

...and to comment on how I did it....I like to think it was a combination of not being pregnant long enough to gain weight, overwhelming stress, and sleep deprivation while the girls were in the hospital. Now that they are home, and all is well, food is my friend again! LOL