Thursday, July 27, 2006

Soap Release Schedule

We're still busily restocking our website, but if feels wonderful to be open again. In addition to remaking current stock, we are also hard at work formulating new scents and products. Believe it or not, we've actually been working on the Fall and Winter blend fragrances. We'll be bringing back some of your old favorites from last year, and hopefully creating some all new favorites! You can look forward to some complex, earthy, and exotic scents to from Wylde Ivy this fall. Of coarse, we love our sweet, foody, and fruity scents too so we'll be making some mouthwatering additions to our Limited Edition Deli Soaps.

August 15th:
Summer Fling

September 11th (reschedualed from the 1st due to our vacation closing):
Woodland Orchard (called Woodland Lavender in Aroma Melt collection)
Spiced Apples
Make Mine a Mocha (Deli Soap)
All Natural Patchouli & Oats
Triple Mint (Deli Soap)
Monoi & Aloe Spa Soap (pictured above)
As American as Apple Pie
White Jasmine & Tea Leaves (pictured below)
Rhassoul Glow Spa Soap
Lemon Ozone
Smores (Deli Soap)

September 18th:
Chocolate Fatale

(Check back often as we will update the list with new additions!)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Our Supplies have Arrived!

Our perfume supplies have arrived! At long last, we have finally received the supplies needed to make our perfumes! We will, of coarse, start with the two new perfumes so we can get them on the website. Look for them to be added either tonight or tomorrow morning! After that, we will start with making the perfume sprays and after we are finished restocking those, we will move onto the Perfumed Oils and samples. There will be a few scents of perfumes that will be out of stock just a little while longer as we are waiting on just a couple backordered oils.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wylde Ivy Opening July 23rd!

Yes, I know that we already announced the opening date in our last almost the same title....but we are excited! We plan to officially open the website at 10:00am EST. We will be sending a newsletter out just before that time announce a special surprise that we have added for our customers.

Even though we are not totally back to normal around here and there are still items from our inventory that we need to replenish, we are so happy to be able to pretend that things are! We all want to thank everyone for their patience during this time.

To our faithful Blog readers, I know some of you have been watching very closely for updates on here, we'd like to do something special for you. We have set up a Free Shipping coupon that will be good for the first three people who use it tomorrow during their checkout. This coupon will only be valid for orders received after 10:00AM EST (no cheating you early birds, we will know....;) Enter code: BLOGGERSHIP to receive your free shipping. If the code does not work for you, it means that all three have been used already. Free Shipping applies only to order sent within the US. For international orders, we'll deduct $5.00 off of your total shipping when you use the code. Just put the code in the comments box and if they are still available we will make the deduction!

Thank you again everyone for your support!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wylde Ivy will be Opening July 23rd!

While we are still working on restocking products, we will be opening our website on July 22. Depending on supply shipments that we are waiting on, we hope to have the remaining products in stock no later then mid August.

For our newsletter subscribers, watch for our newsletter to announce our opening on Sunday!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Two New Perfume Scents!

We have two new and beautiful summer Perfume fragrances to debut (around June 25th as we are still waiting on some supplies). These are very feminine, very airy, and very summery.

The first is called Summer Sweetie and is a fun and flirty, but sophisticated summer blend. Top notes of citrus blossoms melds into sweet candied fruits and summer flowers finally dries down to notes of amber, musk, and white cedar for a sensual finish. This scent is perfect for warm, breezy summer nights.

The second is called Aerial, which literally means, “existing or living in the air”. This white musk and floral fragrance is so sheer, so airy and light it will whisk you away for a walk in the clouds. In fact, if clouds had a fragrance, this is what they would smell like. Top notes of fresh and sexy White Musk blend into the flawless beauty of delicate white petals and end with an ever so soft blend white tea leaves. This fragrance has been tested on numerous volunteers with unanimous thumbs up. Blending with body chemistry and creating a unique scent for every wearer, this fragrance is a must try for the summer months.

Monday, July 17, 2006

New Aroma Melts!

The hot summer weather as descended on us here at Wylde Ivy. Due to the summer heat we will not be offering Mini Melts, as they are easily deformed and dented when they soften up in hot weather. Despair not, to make up for it we are adding to our Aroma Melt collection in a BIG way! Your favorite Wylde Ivy scents like Creamy Coconut, Little Shop in Salem, Daydreamer, and Coconut Island Castaway are joining our Aroma Melt lineup. Scents such as Summer Fling, Sugar Cake, Bella Vanille, Raspberry Lemonade, Sparkling Clementine, Tangerine Loves Peach, Sticky, and Ice Princess are being tested as we speak….or I should say as I type and you read this! All this, and we are developing a line of All Natural Aroma Melts using essential oils! Watch for the new All Natural Melts in the next few months!

Have a scent you’d like to see us carry or add to our line? We’d love to hear it. Drop us a line at

So you've read through the entire entry and would like to know what the rosebud has to do with the subject? Well, honestly it has nothing to do with the entry. It is a photo I had taken a few weeks ago and thought you might enjoy.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Another Flood Photo

We received yet another flood photo from someone who was over our neighborhood in a helicopter during the flooding. Thankfully, this was not one of the pictures sent to us while we were evacuated and unable to see our house. This picture may have been a little hard to take without knowing what are damages were.

You can click on the picture to make it slightly bigger.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Wylde Ivy is Making Progress!

Things have been coming along nicely here at Wylde Ivy. We still have quite a bit more construction to do on the workrooms and storage rooms, but every day I am able to get the temporary work area more organized are ready to go. Assuming we don’t hit any major snags, we are planning on reopening next weekend! I am so excited to get Wylde Ivy back in the swing. Our website won’t be completely stocked by then, but we are taking inventory and making products more and more each day.

We just may even have some new products ready to be released when we reopen! How did we manage that with everything going on? I’m not really sure. We will give you some previews here on our blog….keep your eyes peeled!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wylde Ivy has Walls!

Construction has begun on the walls in the main work area. This is a happy milestone for us….as walls seem to be very important in running a business!

I have also set up a small, temporary work area. I have begun filling the outstanding orders, as the reordered supplies are starting to roll in. I hope to have most of these orders out by the end of the week with the rest going out the beginning of next week. Once those orders have been shipped off, I will begin to slowly open the website back up. I plan to open the website with the inventory that is on hand then add products to it as they are prepared. During this time, there may be more items out of stock then you are used to seeing at Wylde Ivy. We are working as quickly as possible to get thing back to normal around here.

I’ve had some inquiries about the Reopening Sale I mentioned. At this point I cannot say when that is going to officially take place. I want to wait and run it when we are fully operational, running smoothly, and is totally restocked. It will be a celebratory sale for when Wylde Ivy is back to normal operation.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pictures of the last week.

This is a photo of our street that a friend sent to us while we couldn't get into town to see the damage. This photo did not make us feel good. Our house is the blue house in the center of the picture with the large tree in front. You can see the stop sign at the end of the street for water level reference.

This was taken by us when we were finally able to wade through the water to get to the house. This shows all the water behind the house.

Some people managed to have fun.

This is my husband in the front of the shop showing how high the water got there.

This is the doorway leading into the production room. This is how everything looked when we first got in. It was neat and tidy when we left it, I swear! Can you believe there was a glass of milk I had been drinking the morning the flood started that did not spill? The table it was on floated all around the room and then landed ten feet away from where it started with the milk glass still standing perfect and all the contents ontop dry.

Finally, this is how it looks right now. These next two pictures are of the main room(which will be for product packaging and order packing) and the production room. We are cleaned and gutted and waiting to start whipping it into shape!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wylde Ivy and The Flood of 06

Since we’ve gotten so many concerned emails and well wishes from our customers we thought you might all like to know what is going on at Wylde Ivy.

We really wish to thank you all for your thoughts, well wishes, and prayers. It was much appreciated and reading everyone’s emails was a great way to pass the time while we were evacuated and waiting to be let back into town to see our house.

Our business area is the entire first floor of our house. We started to flood a little last Tuesday morning into our business and we did have time to remove almost our entire inventory as well as some important supplies. The flooding quickly turned major as water started rushing in the front door of the business entrance. With the help of family and even the rescue workers (who probably wondered what kind of business we were running with all the bottles and strange powders they were carrying) we managed to get even more of our items out before it became too risky to stay any longer. My husband and I packed our two dogs and ourselves and headed for “higher ground”. We watched the TV and listened to the radio trying to find out what might be happening to our business and home. From the news reports we began to gather it wasn’t good.

The entire business space was gone, we knew that. We could only hope that the water did not reach our second floor of our home. From pictures sent to us we knew it was very close to going in the front door of our home. To make matters worse, all the inventory and supplies we grabbed from the storage rooms were literally thrown up onto our second floor, which was in danger. Finally then next afternoon the roads opened and we were able to get in to see the damages. The entire business floor had been covered by seven feet of water as we had suspected, but miraculously it stayed mere inches from the main floor of our home.

So with inventory and some supplies saved, our home intact, and most importantly all my family safe we feel very lucky and suspect it is largely due to everyone’s thoughts and prayers. The only casualty Wylde Ivy suffered was the loss of the pond goldfish that lived in front of our business entrance for the last 7 years. They were much beloved members of our business and often had customers coming in just to visit them!

So we begin the cleaning process. We were planning on gutting the entire work area soon and updating everything, so this was just a nudge into doing it sooner….with just a little more mud and water then we had planned on having to remove. At this point I really can’t say when Wylde Ivy will be totally back to normal. It was a full time operation that spanned several large rooms and a few smaller storage rooms.

For now I am setting up a temporary workspace and going through the tedious task of logging inventory and supplies to see what needs to be remade and reordered. I will be filling all the pending orders first, then I will begin to adjust the inventory on the website to reflect what is currently available before reopening the website. I am hoping to be able to have the website open with limited inventory around the end of July.

We would not even be close to this stage of rebuilding if it weren’t for the help of family, friends, and all the selfless volunteers that stopped by to lend a hand in the tearing out of walls, floors, and ceilings and the cleaning and removing of debris. While out on a supply run last week, my husband and I came home to find five volunteers from a church over an hour away already hard at work helping our family members gut the damaged areas. The Red Cross has been here from the beginning offering food, water, and supplies and we have also received supplies from the Salvation Army. Actually, as I write this, the Red Cross is outside my home delivering lunch to those that need it. There have been numerous volunteer groups (like the group I mentioned) helping with the rebuilding of our neighborhood and lending a hand where needed. To see people reach out in such a generous way during such a bad time is truly inspiring.

Thank you again.
The Wyle Ivy Family