Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Wylde Ivy has Walls!

Construction has begun on the walls in the main work area. This is a happy milestone for us….as walls seem to be very important in running a business!

I have also set up a small, temporary work area. I have begun filling the outstanding orders, as the reordered supplies are starting to roll in. I hope to have most of these orders out by the end of the week with the rest going out the beginning of next week. Once those orders have been shipped off, I will begin to slowly open the website back up. I plan to open the website with the inventory that is on hand then add products to it as they are prepared. During this time, there may be more items out of stock then you are used to seeing at Wylde Ivy. We are working as quickly as possible to get thing back to normal around here.

I’ve had some inquiries about the Reopening Sale I mentioned. At this point I cannot say when that is going to officially take place. I want to wait and run it when we are fully operational, running smoothly, and is totally restocked. It will be a celebratory sale for when Wylde Ivy is back to normal operation.

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