Friday, May 28, 2010

The Summer 2010 Collection Sneak Peek & Sample Pack

They are ready! They are here! Well…sort of. The newest Wylde Ivy scents are ready to be released and I will start stocking them in my Etsy shop and my Wylde Ivy shop as soon as I return from vacation and ship out the orders that I receive while I am away. The tentative release date is June 14th.

Want to get your hands on them right now? I made up a few sample packs with each and every scent from the Summer 2010 collection. They are ready to ship now and they ship for free! These perfume oil sample vials are the perfect way to test out the fragrances and choose your favorites before ordering the full sized perfumes…or even scrubs, body oils, soaps, and more! The fruit blends are particularly good in Sugar Scrubs.
There is a wide range of scents included in the Summer 2010 collection and some scents are very different for Wylde Ivy. For the first time ever, I’ve done a water inspired collection! There are also a few great summer essential scents, some ripe bursting fruits, and some mysterious and sultry picks as well. I have even included two brand new men’s/unisex scents!

You will get 17 Perfume Oil Sample Vials for $25.00. These samples will be shipped free (within the United States) via first class mail. International shipping is available for just $2.00 through my Etsy shop. Hurry, sample packs are limited as is my time in my shop. I am leaving on vacation on Monday, so I’ll need to receive your order by Sunday at midnight EST in order for me to ship them before I leave. Please note that if you are ordering other items along with the samples, your samples will ship separately and before your other items. The cutoff time for ordering other items from my shop has passed and I simply won’t have time to make any new products before going away. These sample packs are already put together and ready to go out the door.

The Water Collection:
Cool, haunting, and elusive scents inspired by fresh cool waters and hues of jewel toned blues and greens.

Floating Lilies
The scent of demure little lilies floating gently on the surface of still waters, sprinkled by the morning mist and warmed in the yellow midmorning sun.
Notes of: Water Lily, deep forest fern, spring rain, fresh ozone, African violet leaves, white amber, sheer musk.

Dragonfly Blue
A cool ethereal scent of rain over pale moonflowers.
Notes of: summer rain, moonflowers, musk, ozone, dry moss.

There is a vision of a dark haired woman in blue, catching the raindrops in her upturned palms as she turns round and round. Graceful and carefree.
Notes of: lily, gardenia, meringue, ambered musk, vanilla, lily of the valley, summer rain, jasmine, sandalwood, and sweet wood musk.

In the Rain
She turned to look at me and then her eyes fell back to the window. “Sometimes” she said, “I hear laughter in the rain and it makes me happy for that one small moment.”
Notes: Pale blue water, crisp ozone, dewy spring greens, lemon laced white musk.

A sultry and steamy scent for those balmy summer nights. This is a stylish fragrance, perfect for when you need a grown up summer scent.
Notes of: warm amber, aged tonka beans, sweet vanilla patchouli, white musk, wild jasmine, verbena, and a touch of dry moss.

She Sells Sea Shells
Reminiscent of Wylde Summer, another “summer in a bottle” scent. The smell of beach towels dried in the salty ocean air, six layers of suntan lotion on your skin, coconut scented after sun lotion, and the way all the scents linger so closely to your skin in the heavy humid summer air.
Notes of: coconut, crushed vanilla beans, coconut milk, orange blossom, tuberose, aloe vera, and white musk.

Sweet Haze
Warm, delicate, and very uplifting like the morning mist burning off with the warm mid morning sun. Notes of: bergamot, succulent mandarin, sweet jasmine petals, wild blackberry, blood orange, light amber, woody musk

Bamboo Leaves
A gorgeous green blend of bamboo, white tea, and watercress with underlying hints of orchid petals and cedar. This fragrance is so fresh and beautiful, you will feel exhilarated with it is surrounding you!

Dreaming of Violets
A haunting blend of violets, summer blackberries, juicy clemetines, and white lilies all wrapped up in a base of soft musk and sweet delicate woods.

Sweet Cairo
A heavy, rich, and exotic Egyptian musk blended with sweet honey and just a hint of cardamom.

Vintage Honey
Imagine honey as a color…the color of sepia toned photographs, antique linen, and faded love letters. A sweet honey blended with dry grounding notes for a haunting and rare scent.
Notes of musk laced clover honey, milky vanilla, cardamom, dried baby’s breath, warm jasmine, ancient amber, dry woods, and creamy patchouli

Modern Zen
An inspiring, fresh, and modern blend of cedar and dewy bamboo with hints of citrus peel, ginger, and ozone.

Iced Mango
A scent from Wylde Ivy past! Juicy, fresh Mangos mingle with bits of Papaya and sliced Strawberry with just a hint of iced Coconut Milk drizzled on top. This cool, mouthwatering fruit blend will having you thinking hammocks, palm trees, and tropical fruit smoothies by the water!

Fruit purity at it’s best, this is a fruit lovers dream come true. PomAcai is a simple fruity berry blend highlighted with sparkling citrus.
Notes of: ripe acai berry, crushed pomegranate seeds, red plum, blood orange, and lemon zest

Sparkling Clementine
A fresh, juicy, mouthwatering citrus. This is a bright Clementine with just a touch of a champagne twist.

Triple W
I’ve been obsessed with creating a leather based scent since I included the leather note in my limited edition Halloween perfumes last fall. This is it, the one that just makes me close my eyes and smell deep.
Aged leather, a touch of dry earth, amber, cedar, dark musk, tonka bean, oakmoss, and vetiver…perfection.

A deep rich blend of sweet oak moss, sandalwood, and patchouli. Sexy and intriguing, a perfect understated fragrance for a man of few words or for a woman with a dark side.
Notes of: Oakmoss, sandalwood, patchouli, lemon, basil, and juniper.

These sample sets may be purchased in my main shop Wylde Ivy Shop or in my Etsy Shop

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A little bit of pretty...

I thought I'd share a little bit of pretty with you today. My daughter Maya loves flowers. She has to pick them everywhere we go.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Get Free Gifts!

Get a free 4 ounce Silken Body Oil (a $12.00 value) with your order over $50.00!

Simply add at least $50 worth of merchandise to your shopping cart, then go pick out your choice of Silken Body Oil and add it to your cart. The discount will be automatically applied to your shopping cart.

Is your order over $100 (before shipping charges and after any discounts)? If so, you can pick two more free full size products of your choice! You just have to let me know in the comments box when you checkout what products and scents you would like(my shopping cart doesn't like to play nice when giving away multiple freebies).

Offer expires May 31, 2010. Gift certificate purchases, sales tax, and shipping costs do not count towards your merchandise total.

Get Free Gifts on Etsy Too!
I'm giving away a free Body Oil to orders over $50.00 on Etsy too as well as the extra two products for orders over $100! Just order at least $50 worth of merchandise and then let me know in the comments section which scent you would like for your Silken Body Oil or if you qualify, the other two products that you would like. There is no coupon needed on Etsy and you don't even have to worry about putting the free gifts into your shopping cart, just write me a note with what you would like and I'll take care of you!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Major Restock and a Mini Vacation....

So my soap room is bare...very, very, bare. I've been making more soaps and have almost 10 batches curing now. If all goes to plan for the rest of the week, I'll have 6 more batches made and curing. I'll have a list of finished soaps with their "ready date" at the end of the week.

I am taking a quick, last minute vacation to the beach with my girls, my mom, and my sister. It is a little girl's retreat! Actually, my husband just doesn't have enough vacation time to waste right now since he has to save it for our family vacation at the end of the summer. Wylde Ivy will be closed from May 31st through June 6th. The website will be open to accept your order and I'll get working on them right away when I return on the 7th. The last day to place your order and have it shipped before I leave will be Friday May 28th.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Birthday Sale Raffle Winners!

I'd like to thank everyone again for the great sale! Here are the winning raffle numbers. I will be contacting each winner via email with their gift certificates/coupon codes/instructions either late tonight or early tomorrow morning as I am finishing up making shampoos today. I just wanted to get the winners posted for everyone because I know that you were all excited!

$100.00 Gift Certificate - Ticket Number 8794513 - Jill S. Ohio
$25.00 Gift Certificate - Ticket Number 8794540 - Rebecca H. Pennsylvania
$25.00 Gift Certificate - Ticket Number 8794706 - Laura D. Massachusetts
Free Shipping Coupon - Ticket Number 8794518 - Peggy Y. New Jersey
Free Shipping Coupon - Ticket Number 8794569 - Vanessa S. Indiana
Free Shipping Coupon - Ticket Number 8794593 - Lyly B. California
Free Shipping Coupon - Ticket Number 8794485 - Amy H. Georgia
Free Shipping Coupon - Ticket Number 8794515 - Wendy S. California
25% Off Coupon - Ticket Number 8794684 - Colleen M. New York
25% Off Coupon - Ticket Number 8794536 - Alyssa B. New York
25% Off Coupon - Ticket Number 8794671 - Patti S. California
25% Off Coupon - Ticket Number 879460 - Lorie B. Texas
25% Off Coupon - Ticket Number 8794714 - Kaytlin D. California
Comission a Scent - Ticket Number 8794758 - Georgia W. Montana

Thanks again everyone for the birthday wishes!