Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Win Free Perfume Samples-Contest Over, We Have our Winners!

Contest is over, we have our winners! Thank you!! Winners will be notified via email this evening (Jan 11th).

Free to the first five people who email me!

I have five sample sets of the new perfumes that will be released on Jan 23 sitting here waiting to find a new home! I’ll send one set to each of the first five people who email me! These sample sets will be in an oil base and come packaged in the small glass perfume vials that we sell our samples in. They will be mailed in a padded envelope via first class mail on Monday.

For a chance to win the free samples send an email to and be sure to put PERFUME SAMPLE in the title of the email. I will contact the first five winners by Friday evening for your mailing address. Good Luck!

Brief teaser description:

Whispers: a very complex blend with top notes of vanilla musk, middle notes of soft berries, and finally a dry down of sheer white petals. This is not an overwhelming floral, but a beautiful, feminine blend of all notes.

Dark Musk: Almost born in Africa, this fragrance is a mysterious and deep fusion of Musk, Rose, and Sandalwood. This scent is captivating.

Sheer Musk: Inspired by the warm, fresh days of spring we are all waiting for, Sheer Musk is a lighthearted blend of light musk, sheer petals, a dash of vanilla and sweet fruit. This scent will make you want to shed your winter coats and go shopping for sandals!

Santa Ana, for Women: Well woman just swooned over our Men’s line fragrance Santa Ana so much so that we decided to do a blend just for the ladies. Even though Santa Ana could easily be a unisex fragrance, we took it a step further and toned it down with just a touch of Rose and Vanilla.

Irresistible: Our Valentine’s Day inspired fragrance! I personally spent a whole month tweaking this perfume to get it just right! I had envisioned a sweet, but not too sweet, blend that was sexy, fresh, and unique and (here was the tricky part) smelled “red”. It’s sweet sparkling blend that doesn’t sacrifice the sex appeal factor. Sweet top notes of sugar open up to a heart of cranberry and ending with a hint of vanilla bean, musk, sandalwood, and fresh blossoms.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Sugar Cakes ~ A New Scent!

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we’ve been thinking a lot about sweets. We have the two new Chocolate soaps coming out, but wanted something a little "lighter". In our search for a perfect Vanilla blend, we developed Sugar Cake. Sugar Cake is a blend of Vanilla Cookies, Yellow Cake, and sweet Cane Sugar. This blend is a must for bakery scent lovers! Look for this scent in Body Washes, Lotions, and Bath Bombs on January 23rd!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

New Perfumes from Wylde Ivy

As we said in an earlier blog entry, we'll be discontinuing our fragrance dupes to concentrate on bringing you more exclusive unique blends. For our reopening on January 23rd, we have six new perfumes that we'll be unveiling! We are working on some others that may or may not be ready in time...we don't want to rush them.
Our new perfumes include a new light and airy musk, a women's version of the popular men's fragrance Santa Ana, a beautiful light floral and fruity musk with vanilla notes, and a special perfume inspired by Valentines Day!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Just out of the Mold....

New Tarts!
Two new tarts we're getting ready for release just came out of the mold tonight!

Cocoa Beans: A divine blend of chocolate and nuts, with just a hint of vanilla bean sweetness. This is a very unique, sophisticated chocolate blend!

Lemonilla Cake: Yellow cake with a strong tangy lemon filling and a sweet vanilla glaze.

These two new tarts, and more, will be available on January 23rd!

Wylde Ivy Says "NO!" to Dupes

Upon reopening, Wylde Ivy will not be manufacturing any more "Dupes" to use in our products. "Dupes" are copies of already famous, big name company fragrances. We've been feeling increasingly guilty about using these duped fragrances in our products and would like to be known for our own scent blends rather then just copying someone else's.
Watch for our current duped fragrances to be on clearance. These include scents like Ambra (Ambra de Nepal dupe), Bliss (Lovespell dupe), Celestial Moon (basically de Madagascar dupe), and Candy Girl (Pink Sugar dupe).
We know we are taking a big step discontinuing these much loved fragrances from our line, but overall feel confident in our decision to move forward with our company.
We'll be releasing many great new perfume blends upon our reopeing on January 23rd. These scents are in the final stages now, they're all ready and just need to be named!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Almond Honey Cookie

New Deli Soap!
Wylde Ivy's newest Deli soap in on the curing rack! Almond Honey Cookie is strong almond, with a rounding note of honey and just a kiss of sweetness. It is cut fresh from a round log for a cool round soap "cookie". Ground Flax Seed and Oat Bran are added for gentle exfoliating.
Available when we reopen on January 23rd!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Limited Edition Valentine's Day Soaps

New for our website reopening, Limited Edition Valentine's Day soaps! These soaps are a one run batch only, meaning once they are sold, they will not be remade (well, at least not until next February!).
These soaps were just cut today, and they smell divine! Just a hint (sorry, no pictures of them), they are inspired by gourmet chocolates! One is a mix of dark chocolate and rich and tart raspberry syrup and the other is a blend of rich chocolates with a hint of cinnamon and spices.
Be on the look out of these limited soaps when we reopen on January 23rd!