Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wylde Ivy Says "NO!" to Dupes

Upon reopening, Wylde Ivy will not be manufacturing any more "Dupes" to use in our products. "Dupes" are copies of already famous, big name company fragrances. We've been feeling increasingly guilty about using these duped fragrances in our products and would like to be known for our own scent blends rather then just copying someone else's.
Watch for our current duped fragrances to be on clearance. These include scents like Ambra (Ambra de Nepal dupe), Bliss (Lovespell dupe), Celestial Moon (basically de Madagascar dupe), and Candy Girl (Pink Sugar dupe).
We know we are taking a big step discontinuing these much loved fragrances from our line, but overall feel confident in our decision to move forward with our company.
We'll be releasing many great new perfume blends upon our reopeing on January 23rd. These scents are in the final stages now, they're all ready and just need to be named!


Anonymous said...

Hurray! I have sampled some of your blends and I don't think you need any "dupes". I really like discovering unique blends from different people and why buy a dupe if it's just a knock off of a scent everyone is offering?

Anonymous said...

Good decision! I prefer to buy original fragrances from each creator -- never dupes. I adore Wylde Ivy and will continue to enjoy buying your unique and creative scents!