Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's a Three Birthday Weekend!

I'll be out of the office for a long weekend this weekend (February 19-22). We have three birthdays to celebrate here. My twin daughters' and my husband's. I'll be back in the office on a normal schedule on Tuesday (February 23rd).

I can't believe my little girls are two already!

Happy Birthday Maya!

Happy Birthday Lily!

....and Happy Birthday Jeremy (who told me that I better not post a picture of him wearing the purple heart sunglasses...which I do have in my possession by the way!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Spring Soaps!

Introducing some new spring soaps!

Green Jasmine

I'll admit it, I was hording this fragrance all for myself. In the spirit of my New Year's resolution to embrace my inner minimalist however, I've decided to let it go. This is a limited scent. I had just enough to make one batch of soap and I'm sharing it! Of coarse I kept a few bars for myself. This is a beautiful Jasmine fragrance. It is thick and rich, just the Jasmine should be. This Jasmine carries a little secret. Underneath the heavy Jasmine fragrance there is a quick hint of lime peel that gives the scent just enough lift and pop to keep if fresh and modern.

Sparkling Clementine

A fresh, juicy, mouthwatering citrus. Put a little wake up burst into your morning shower. This is a bright clementine with just a touch of a champagne twist.

Bamboo Leaves

A gorgeous green blend of bamboo, white tea, and watercress with underlying hints of orchid petals and cedar. This fragrance is so fresh and beautiful, you will feel exhilarated with it is surrounding you!


Aerial literally means, “existing or living in the air”. This white musk and floral fragrance is so sheer, so airy and light it will whisk you away for a walk in the clouds. In fact, if clouds had a fragrance, this is what they would smell like. Top notes of fresh and sexy White Musk blend into the flawless beauty of delicate white petals and end with an ever so soft blend white tea leaves.

Mondern Zen

An inspiring, fresh, and modern blend of cedar and dewy bamboo with hints of citrus peel, ginger, and ozone.

Island Beauty

You asked and I made, Island Beauty Soap is here. There is just one problem. It didn't turn out quite how I pictured it! Whoops! Get it now at a special price! A graceful, soft blend of island florals,

The scent:
creamy coconut milk, and sweet sugar cane. This is a light and beautiful scent, for when you are looking for a sheer fragrance. Fresh petals and soft musks blend into a creamy milky coconut finish.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day. I have a little Etsy special for today only. 50% off of all my love inspired perfumes (one ounce sizes only).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Soaps Coming Soon!

There will be new soaps coming next week as well as a restock. Blackberry Cotton Candy will be ready to ship on Monday. I have seven new soaps to add to the website, but that also means I have to take new pictures, write descriptions, and make new product listings. I'm going to try to get them up on the site by Wednesday. Do you want a sneak peek?

Some of you may remember Sparkling Clementine. I haven't made it in a few years, but I've been craving it lately. It's back! It is such a beautiful, bright citrus scent. I love the way it makes my shop smell while it is curing. There is also a gorgeous Jasmine soap, a spa like green scented soap, a fresh green bamboo blend, a deep and rich Oakmoss, and I made a soap in the Aerial scent! Many of you have requested Island Beauty soaps. Well, I made it...and it smells great! The only thing is that it doesn't quite look the way I envisioned. It got very dark, much darker then my test batches. It most likely heated up more in the larger batch then my smaller test batches. The bad news is that it doesn't look as pretty and delicate as I had imagined, but the good news is that I'll be selling it at a special price.

Stay tuned for more information on the new soaps

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Endangered Scents

When I create my scents I choose scent components from my vast collection. My fragrance collection spans most of an entire wall in my workshop, floor to ceiling. I have sourced fragrances from numerous suppliers because...well...I'm extremely picky when I create my scents! My scents have anywhere from four up to fifteen (or more) components that I blend myself to create my unique fragrances. The combination of using so many different suppliers along with many different fragrance components per scent is risky. If a supplier discontinues a scent or closes up shop and I loose even just the smallest component to my fragrance I either have to reformulate or discontinue the scent all together.

Sadly, I have two scents I have to add to the "endangered scent list" here at Wylde Ivy. Black Cat and Coconut Island Castaway are the two newest scents to be in danger of disappearing. I have small amounts of each scent on hand. I'm working to find an alternate supplier for the fragrances that I need for them. I just really want to let you know that they are available now on a limited basis. When I sell out, I'll be taking them off of the website indefinitely.

Sorry if this causes disappointment for anyone. Making the choice to discontinue a scent because of low sales or seasonal reasons is hard enough. I absolutely hate having to discontinue a scent due to reasons out of my control.