Monday, August 24, 2015

There Is a Bit of Crazy in This Cat Lady

My summer has been busy as it normally is for us.  We put a lot of miles on my car, a lot of miles on our bikes, and a lot of miles on our hiking boots.  I try to spend as much time as I can unplugged in the summer which means things can be pretty quite around here.  Now that my girls are back in school, I'm back to my regularly scheduled office hours too.   I've been formulating all new scents for the upcoming fall and winter season.  I have also been getting ready to change over my scent lineup.  That means have to have retire the spring and summer scents until next year, but it also means you favorite scents from last year will be making a come back for the new season!  I'm also super excited about getting my Halloween Collection out of hiding too.  It is always so much fun and so many of those scents are my all time faves.  I must admit that I've been cheating the last few weeks and wearing one of my "monsters" on a daily basis.

So, back to some summer happenings around here.  In between state park hoping, beach lounging, madly formulating new scents, and making and shipping perfumes....this happened....

That is a lot of mini bottles of Black Cat Perfume! So, where did they all go?  This is the exciting part!  Black Cat Perfume was included in the inaugural shipment of the CatLadyBox!   CatLadyBox is an amazing subscription box company that caters to cat lovers.  They source all of the coolest cat themed products and pack them into fun monthly deliveries that show up all happy right on your doorstep.  So did I mention that Black Cat perfume was in the very first CatLadyBox ever?  Eeek!  Exciting!  So back to the boxes, there are options!  They have two options, the original and the CRAZY.  The original includes 2-3 handpicked awesome cat themed goodies for you and if you are feeling a little crazy (the fun kind), then the CRAZY option includes goodies for you and goodies for your kitties.  Best thing yet.....CatLadyBox gives back 5% of their profits every month to various rescues and charities.

So I got a CRAZY CatLadyBox.  Now, confession time.  I don't have cats, because well, I'm pretty fond of breathing.  Sadly I've been allergic to cats ever since I was a little girl.  Cue the sad music and cut frame to a sneezing, wheezing, eyes swollen shut little girl trying to volunteer at the local shelter in the cat building dutifully brushing the cats (because she is too small to do any other work) until her mom comes and picks her up and never allows her to go back.  Yep, I'm that girl.   The good news is that I can share the box with my mom who is a crazy cat lady and has adopted every stray cat that has even just glanced at her doorway.  Obviously my mom doesn't care if I can breathe*.

Let's steer this train back to the boxes.  The box is awesome! Here is a little peeky July's box.

Tucker you are not fooling anyone.  The Meowgaritas are not for you. 

 Of coarse he sampled the Meowgaritas. 

So if you love cats or love someone who loves cats....CatLadyBoxes are completely awesome!

*Disclaimer: My mom cares very much if I can breathe.  As I've aged, I can tolerate cats in small doses so as long as I do not go to a tiny enclosed room with 75 homeless cats and try to brush them I am fine.  A little itchy...but happy and breathing.