Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Monoi Products!

We've been enjoying our Monoi de Taire oil we decided to to add it to a few more products! Monoi Oil is a traditional beauty secret of Polynesian women. In Polynesia it is used as a skin and hair conditioner and is renowned for repairing skin and fighting wrinkles. Monoi de Taire oil as it is traditionally called is produced by extracting the fatty oil from the nuts of the "Tahitian Tumu Ha'ari " tree then soaking and macerating Gardenia petals in the fresh oil for several weeks. This produces a totally natural, highly scented, and lavish oil. Monoi oil has been shown to penetrate skin quicker then other oils thus, rehydrating faster and more efficiently.

New for when we reopen on January 23rd All Natural Monoi ShaBombs! Monoi ShaBombs are bath bombs infused with Monoi Oil to give you a relaxing, emollient, and beautiful scented bath. Also be on the lookout for our new Monoi Bath Salts!