Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Labor Day

In honor of Labor Day and our long weekend, here's a blog exclusive one day sale!

25% off all orders from now until September 1st at midnight! Just enter coupon code BLOG876 at checkout!

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Tucker's Surgery

Our dog Tucker had his surgery to remove his tumors on Monday as planned. It went well and he bounced back fast. I think the worst part of his day was missing his meals (he's a chow hound for sure). As soon as we got him home and fed him, he was right back to being his old self. In fact he's running around like nothing and making me nervous all the time. Two of the incisions are very large. We still have to wait until Tuesday to get the lab results back on the tumors to know the grade of cancer and his prognosis.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pure Butter, Rhassoul Glow, and Monoi Aloe (oh my!)

Many of my Spa Soaps are out of stock or very low stock at the moment. I need to have my molds for the Spa Soaps worked on. It is taking longer then I expected. In order to get these soaps back in stock, I am using the molds I use for my Classic and Deli soaps. The next batch of Spa Soaps will be in the same shape as the rest of my soaps and weight in at about 4 ounces. More details and pictures to come, but you can expect these to be back in stock in about a month! The Pure Butter and Rhassoul Glow (every one's favorites!) are already made and curing already.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Last Week's Sad News

Sorry for the lack of communication and updates and for the general slowness to respond to emails this past week. We've been having a rough week. These next two weeks are insane with doctors appointments...both for the girls and ourselves (since we neglected all the usual eye, dental, and doctor appointments that were due during the time I was pregnant). These two weeks are catch up weeks. This week I literally have to be somewhere every single day.

So ontop of this dizzying frantic schedule, we got news last Tuesday that has devastated us. Our four year old dog has been diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors. We won't know the grade of cancer we are dealing or his probable prognosis with until he has them removed and biopsied. For now they are telling us that they don't appear to be aggressive. We are hoping to get by with just having them removed. At this point it is all just a wait and see. One of the tumors, though small, is going to be especially hard to remove due to its location on his leg.

His surgery was originally scheduled for the 26th. We decided to get a second opinion however (hoping to find a vet a little more knowledgeable on this time of cancer). He is going on the 25th to see a new vet (our phone consultation with this vet went really well so we feel good going to him). He may be able to have surgery that same day...which is what we are hoping for!

He really is an amazing dog, and my husband's shadow. We adopted him at four months old. Even though the poor guy's first four months of life where really rough, you'd never know it now. We watched this meek little unsure and indifferent little puppy turn into the bright, happy go lucky, true companion and cuddle bug that he is today.

Please keep Tucker in your thoughts, we haven't had nearly enough time with this dog. We are not ready to let him go.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Summer Sale is Wrapping Up

Well it just a little over an hour, the summer sale will be over. This has been a great week. Thanks to everyone who ordered. I managed to work really quickly and get tons of orders packed each day so that I don't have a massive order back up! I keep surprising myself how quick I've gotten at picking and packing orders.

So once the sale is over, I'll be shutting the website down at some point over the weekend (or next week if I get busy) to take a quick inventory and adjust any product count numbers if necessary. I hate taking inventory...but it is a necessary evil. There are a few items showing out of stock that I do have an item of two left and there are others that are showing in stock that I'm completely out of.

Once I do get every single last sale order out the door, I'm going to take a week break from packing orders and work on restocking product. I also have to work on the new fall line. I'll be putting an announcement up here and on my website when I do pause shipping orders. The website will be open to take your orders but the turnaround time will be about a week instead of just a few days.

There is also a few special items that I have in mind that I want to make for sale on Etsy. Watch for news on the Etsy exclusive products coming soon! There are a few scents that I've been wanting to make into perfume but do not want to carry a full inventory of on my website. Etsy will be the perfect place for these!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Summer Sale is Live!

I decided that instead of a new Scent of the Month for August, a sale sounded like more fun! So to celebrate the last month of the summer, I am having a 25% off sale! Every item is eligible, even the already discounted clearance items! This is the last sale planned for the season. I am getting ready to put the new fall scents into production which means that I will not be restocking the summer scents after this sale. Now's the perfect time to stock up on your favorites!

To take advantage of the 25% off, simply use coupon code SUMMERFUN08 during checkout. Coupon code must be applied to your shopping cart prior to checkout to receive your discount. The coupon code will be valid until Friday, August 8th at noon EST.

Important note:

Bonus points will not be awarded for your purchases made during this sale. The bonus points program will resume as usual as soon as the sale is over.

Because this is a big sale, and there is already a backlog of orders waiting to be shipped now, turnaround time may be up to 12 - 14 business days. I will post on the website if turnaround will exceed that timeframe. If by chance your order will be delayed longer then the posted turnaround time, I will contact you.

If an item in your order sells out, I will remove the item from your order and refund you the cost. If you wish to be notified in the event an item you order is sold out, just leave me a note in the comments section of your order.

Thanks, and have fun!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

Summer Fun Sale Early Admission!

As a blog reader, you get a special early admission to next week's Summer Sale! That's right, you get two days head start to shop and place your order before the sale goes public!

Take 25% off all merchandise! Shop now and use coupon code SUMMERFUN895 at checkout. Now is a great time to stock up on all your summer favorites as well as your year round staples! This coupon code will be disabled on Monday, and you will be able to use the public coupon code that will be posted on the website.
Have fun!

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