Friday, August 29, 2008

Tucker's Surgery

Our dog Tucker had his surgery to remove his tumors on Monday as planned. It went well and he bounced back fast. I think the worst part of his day was missing his meals (he's a chow hound for sure). As soon as we got him home and fed him, he was right back to being his old self. In fact he's running around like nothing and making me nervous all the time. Two of the incisions are very large. We still have to wait until Tuesday to get the lab results back on the tumors to know the grade of cancer and his prognosis.


Jodi said...

Hopefully, the surgery was able to get all of the tumour out! Tucker's young enough that he should be able to fight hard.:D

Even if the prognosis is not so good, keep in mind that every dog reacts differently to treatment, and I've heard of dogs that live far beyond the original vet prognosis for cancer just because they were naturally fighters!

Wylde Ivy said...

Hi Jodi! We got great news from the vet! They got all of the tumor...from both sites! So now as long as they don't return in six months, his outlook is very good!