Monday, August 18, 2008

Last Week's Sad News

Sorry for the lack of communication and updates and for the general slowness to respond to emails this past week. We've been having a rough week. These next two weeks are insane with doctors appointments...both for the girls and ourselves (since we neglected all the usual eye, dental, and doctor appointments that were due during the time I was pregnant). These two weeks are catch up weeks. This week I literally have to be somewhere every single day.

So ontop of this dizzying frantic schedule, we got news last Tuesday that has devastated us. Our four year old dog has been diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors. We won't know the grade of cancer we are dealing or his probable prognosis with until he has them removed and biopsied. For now they are telling us that they don't appear to be aggressive. We are hoping to get by with just having them removed. At this point it is all just a wait and see. One of the tumors, though small, is going to be especially hard to remove due to its location on his leg.

His surgery was originally scheduled for the 26th. We decided to get a second opinion however (hoping to find a vet a little more knowledgeable on this time of cancer). He is going on the 25th to see a new vet (our phone consultation with this vet went really well so we feel good going to him). He may be able to have surgery that same day...which is what we are hoping for!

He really is an amazing dog, and my husband's shadow. We adopted him at four months old. Even though the poor guy's first four months of life where really rough, you'd never know it now. We watched this meek little unsure and indifferent little puppy turn into the bright, happy go lucky, true companion and cuddle bug that he is today.

Please keep Tucker in your thoughts, we haven't had nearly enough time with this dog. We are not ready to let him go.


Maria C. said...

Oh, he's adorable! Thoughts and prayers for his good health. Hope he'll be with you much, much longer.

Jodi said...

He's positively beautiful. At least you're in a line of work where you can be with Tucker as much as possible no matter what happens.:D

At 4, he should do well although he'll probably need a high protein/low carb diet from here on out.

Wylde Ivy said...

Thanks so much Maria and Jodi!

Jodi, I've already been looking into diet alternatives for him. Both of our dogs are getting a holistic human grade food. I found a new brand of food that looks promising (and is actually promoted as high protien/low carb). We'll just have to see if he can tolorate it (Tucker gets the itchies very easily). I'd really love to be able to do a raw diet for them...I just plain don't have the time.

Jodi said...

Have you looked into the dehydrated stuff from Honest Kitchen? I've just started trying it for my dogs, and they have a variant where you just add a protein source (I'm assuming that Tucker may have chicken and/or beef allergies along with grains). I don't know for certain how it will work for my dogs, but it seems like a great alternative to trying to go completely raw. Of course, a high quality kibble is excellent, too! (Yeah, I've been doing the dog rescue thing way too long since I know far more about dog and cat foods than certain human foods!).

Wylde Ivy said...

Thanks Jodi, I'll definately look into that! These dogs (pit bull breeds) can be so sensitive. It took us a long time to find food that agreed with them both. One has tummy issues and then Tuck has the skin issues. They can't even have normal store bought dog treats...I have to make my own for them. That is wonderful to hear you are in dog rescue!

Jodi said...

I thought Tucker looked like a pitty, but I wasn't 100% sure!

It's great that you have two pits and the baby girls. Way to show people that well-socialized bullies do well with children!

Wylde Ivy said...

Yes, I first got introduced to pit bulls 17 years ago when I had an after school job working for an animal rescue. I don't think that we'll ever own anything but pit bulls now. We love them so much.

Our guys are fantastic with the girls too....well except for licking them too much! The girls laugh out loud when the dogs walk by and they are reaching for the dogs...not us yet...just the dogs! I want to try and get a picture with Tucker and the girls (and I'd like Chaplin our other one in there too) to send to the vet for his bullitin board but how on earth do you get two bullies and two six month old babies to pose for a picture? I just don't think it will happen...LOL.