Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Endangered Scents

When I create my scents I choose scent components from my vast collection. My fragrance collection spans most of an entire wall in my workshop, floor to ceiling. I have sourced fragrances from numerous suppliers because...well...I'm extremely picky when I create my scents! My scents have anywhere from four up to fifteen (or more) components that I blend myself to create my unique fragrances. The combination of using so many different suppliers along with many different fragrance components per scent is risky. If a supplier discontinues a scent or closes up shop and I loose even just the smallest component to my fragrance I either have to reformulate or discontinue the scent all together.

Sadly, I have two scents I have to add to the "endangered scent list" here at Wylde Ivy. Black Cat and Coconut Island Castaway are the two newest scents to be in danger of disappearing. I have small amounts of each scent on hand. I'm working to find an alternate supplier for the fragrances that I need for them. I just really want to let you know that they are available now on a limited basis. When I sell out, I'll be taking them off of the website indefinitely.

Sorry if this causes disappointment for anyone. Making the choice to discontinue a scent because of low sales or seasonal reasons is hard enough. I absolutely hate having to discontinue a scent due to reasons out of my control.

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