Friday, March 09, 2007

Soap Release Teaser #2

As promised, here is our next installment of new soap pictures! This group of soap is the newest Limited Edition Delis that will release on March 23rd! Next week, most likely mid-week I will be posting a the final list of all scents and products that will be discontinued either for the season (as in our Winter Seasonal Scents) or permanently. Be sure to stop by next Friday as well to get a peek of more all new soaps!

Ok...on with the soaps!

This poor soap is unnamed so far....we just can't seem to agree! This is the scent "Crazy Cabana" from last year, but the name just might change by the time it is released.


elaine said...

Ashlee, they are gorgeous! And the scents sound amazing. Island Sensation..oh my gosh, I must have it!

Thank you for making such lovely products!


Wylde Ivy said...

Elaine, thank you...that is so sweet!

karen said...

Please hurry up and reopen. I bought the rasberry lemonade to hold me over but I want more. Me want more soap.

Susan said...

I cannot wait to try the Lime Fizz, it sounds wonderful......I just used my first shabomb today as skin feels wonderful the monoe de tahiti oils......

Grifyn said...

I think I want one bar of each of these! ::makes obsessive list and waits::

(Today marked the third day in a row I had to talk myself out of eating my Blackberry Cotton Candy bar so...)