Friday, August 04, 2006

Last Call for Summer Seasonals

With summer quickly coming to a close and fall's arrival fast on our heels, we must soon make the transition into offering new scents for the season. This means some our beloved "summery" scents must going into retirement for the winter season.

Our Summer Seasonal fragrances will be stocked regularly through August, then as of September 1st they will not be in production. We'll keep them available so long as our remaining inventory holds out, we will just no longer be remaking the inventory after that date.

The following fragrances are Summer Seasonal (this applies to all products in these scents):
Beachin Berries
Coconut Island Castaway
Blackberry Apple Sorbet
Cucumber & Chamomile
Summer Fling
Sugared Citrus
Coconut Peach
Honeydew Tea
Island Sensation

....don't be sad, we are replacing each and every one of these scents with new Winter Seasonals!

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