Friday, August 18, 2006

Have Your Cake....and Bath With It Too!

What do we crave more then anything during the cold winter months? We crave warm, gooey, sugary, calorie laden sweet treats! So, to compensate for having no time to bake, I am making new Deli Soaps! The first release will include Marshmallow Gingerbread, Banana Bread, and Cocoa Bean Cake (all pictured) with Pecan Pie, Sugar Cake, and others to follow. Honey Almond Cookie (a favorite from last winter!) will be back and I am formulating and testing a new cookie soap (Apple Oatmeal Cookie). Remember, Deli soaps are always limited edition soaps that I only make when there is spare time and for fun. Be sure to keep an eye out here for their release dates as I have a feeling these are going to be popular! Watch for these Soap Cakes to be released around mid September (we include all the details here on the blog when we know for sure).
….and remember, no matter how good they smell on the outside, they still taste like soap on the inside! We do not recommend taste testing!

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maggie said...


These look so awesome. Can't wait!