Sunday, August 06, 2006

Current Winter Scents in the Works

The following is a sneak preview of some of the scents we are working of for the winter release scents. These scents have been formulated to perfection themselves, but are still in the product testing phase as we test for product compatibility. These are neither a complete list of new scents nor are these scents conclusive just yet....just a little teaser!

Marshmallow Gingerbread: Rich, creamy marshmallow fluff smothering hot fresh gingerbread. This is the ultimate comfort scent!
Berry Crimson: Plump, over ripe berries amid a background of woody base notes
Winter Pear: Another crisp fruit scent of true pear, smoothed down with the addition of earthy late autumn breeze scents and a base note of Amber kissed Vanilla
As American as Apple Pie: An overwhelmingly popular soap scent from last year, this little goodie is making it into bath and body products and Aroma Melts this year! What is the best part of Apple Pie? It is the thick, gooey apple center, of coarse! Light on spice, this sweet Apple Filling scent is warm, sugary, and delicious!
White Cashmere: A warm blanket of sensual Sandalwood and Amber nestled around smooth Vanilla and White Floral notes.

We also have an amazing list of scrumptious Deli soap scents, but we are keeping those a secret until they are ready! Big news for you foody lovers! Starting soon, Deli Soap scents will be available in our other products for as long as the Limited Edition Deli Soaps are available!

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