Thursday, September 14, 2006

Updated October Soap Release Schedule

Below you'll find a list of anticipated release dates for the soaps we have curing. This post will be updated if the dates change or with new additions.

October 7th:
Orange Glazed Gingerbread
Marshmallow Gingerbread Cake (Deli Soap)
Sugar Cake (Deli Soap)
Chocolate Cocoa Bean Cake (Deli Soap)
Lemon Cream Danish Cake (Deli Soap)

October 12th:
Chocolate Coconut (Deli Soap)

October 16th:
Cha-Cha Chai (Deli Soap)
White Cashmere
Winter Pear

End of October (exact ETA unknown):
Almond Honey Cookie (Deli Soap)
Rosemary Mint

November Releases

Novemer 1st
Creamy Coconut
Spa Blend

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