Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Brrr, it’s getting chilly at Wylde Ivy!

We’ve been getting lots of inquires lately about new fall scents from Wylde Ivy. Yes, we are working hard to get the new Fall/Winter collection together. We have so many new scents and products waiting to make their debut, we are literally running out of room here! We have some great new scents lined up. It is true we are running a little behind this year, actually the flood we had put us more then two months behind in production. We’ve pretty much been working nonstop since the June flood to whip things back in shape around here.

We’ll be doing a main release early next month with new scents and products (sorry the exact date is no pinpointed just yet). We are striving for the 2nd, but we will wait until everything is finished and in stock before doing the official release. We will release a newsletter as well as post to the blog when the new products are unveiled. After that, we’ll be releasing new products sporadically all winter long!

I suppose we can let a few of the October surprises slide. October’s Scent of the Month will be a multiple scents! As of now, there are two confirmed scents. We are going to try and squeeze in another. These will be scents that have not been previously made into bath and body products, so it is very exciting!

A quick hint on October’s Scents of the Month:
- These two scents will go perfectly with two of the most popular Halloween costumes you see on Trick or Treaters.

Two of the other confirmed October Release scents are Marshmallow Gingerbread and As American as Apple Pie! Keep an eye out for the others!

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