Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Soap Cakes are Selling Out Fast!

Wow, we had quite a response to our Soap Cakes. They sold out much quicker then we had anticipated! We are getting lots of questions as to when or if we'll be making them again.

We'd like to hear some feedback on the soaps from the people who were able to purchase them.

Being that they are from the Limited Edition Deli Soap Line, they are not an item that we can keep in regular stock. These cakes are time consuming to make and the process does not yield a large batch. We are planning on offering them again in the near future (over the next month or two).

We still have just a few more Cake slices in stock! At the time of me writing this there are:
Cocoa Bean Cake (1 Sweet Tooth Slice, 5 Party Slice, and 2 Lite Slices in stock)
Lemon Cream Cake (2 Party Slices in Stock)
Sugar Cake (2 Party Slices in Stock)

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