Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lots of new updates at

Well it feels like I've been updating the site for days, ok actually I have! There were a lot of new items to add!

We have a few new scents out for the new season...and more to come!

New Seasonal Scents!
As American as Apple Pie ~Wylde Blend~ :
A sweet Apple Crumb Pie blend that is heavy on the hot golden apple filling and light on the spice. If you are tired of overly spicy apple blends, this is the scent for you! An immensely popular soap from last season, As American as Apple Pie is back!

Ice Princess ~Wylde Blend~ :
Ice Princess is a sweet, sugary blend with a smooth mint cream base. This is a new and unique spin on a mint fragrance.

Marshmallow Gingerbread ~Wylde Blend~ :
Marshmallow Gingerbread is the ultimate warm sweet scent! This gooey fragrance is all about melted Marshmallows with hints of warm Gingerbread.

White Cashmere ~Wylde Blend~:
Warm, sultry scent of vanilla pods wrapped in orchid petals with base notes of woody, sweet musk and the slightest hints of Amber and Sandalwood. Wrap yourself in the warm clean scent of White Cashmere.

Winter Pear ~Wylde Blend~ :
Crisp Anjou Pears nestled in a bed of Sweet Woods, Vanilla, Violets, and just a dash of Japanese Plums.

Woodland Orchard:
Woodland Orchard is a beautiful fresh scent perfect for autumn days. A blending of sweet apple peels, fresh air, and oak leaves with a touch of Lavender makes a perfect, fresh scent for anytime of the year.

Scent of the Month
Aerial~Wylde Blend~ :
Aerial literally means, “existing or living in the air”. This white musk and floral fragrance is so sheer, so airy and light it will whisk you away for a walk in the clouds. In fact, if clouds had a fragrance, this is what they would smell like. Top notes of fresh and sexy White Musk blend into the flawless beauty of delicate white petals and end with an ever so soft blend white tea leaves.

Little Shop in Salem :
By far one of our most popular fragrances. We've captured the scent of incense, Patchouli, potions, and maybe even a little magic in this scent. Salem is deep, mysterious, and very sexy. Popular with all ages, this scent is an earthy blend of incense and Patchouli and is full of animal magnetism!

Dark Continent ~Wylde Blend~ :
Africa was known as the Dark Continent by early European Colonists who saw this vast new land as mysterious and dangerous place. Our Dark Continent blend is deep, rich, and mysterious. The only danger is this new fragrance is addiction. Top notes of smooth Patchouli and sultry Amber are intertwined with a touch of exotic florals and a whisp of smooth Madagascar Vanilla. The real secret to this scent is the undertone of freshly smoked Cocoa Pods.

New Scents just for Aroma Melts:
Black Ginger Flowers ~Wylde Blend~ :
An extremely unique scent of the exotic Ginger Flower with a smooth blend of woods, a touch of citrus, and a dash of spice.

Berry Crimson ~Wylde Blend~ :
Intensely sweet fresh pomegranate nectar on an earthy patchouli laden base of woods. Hidden deep beneath the layers of sweet and earthy notes hide the faintest hint of fresh ginger root.

Gingered Pineapple~Wylde Blend~ :
If you are looking for a more unique spice blend for this winter, Gingered Pineapple is it. Syrupy pineapple chucks covered in fresh ginger root, clove buds, and cinnamon bark.

Frank N Orange ~Wylde Blend~ :
An uplifting blend of Myrrh with a hint of Frankincense smoother with juicy Orange wedges.

HoneyBear ~Wylde Blend~ :
An all time favorite back from last year! This blend has been slightly reformulated to be even edible and buttery smelling! Smooth rich honey blended with dollops of fresh vanilla cream.

Vanilla Nut ~Wylde Blend~ :
A blending of Hazelnuts, Almonds, and Cashews all spun together with Honey, gourmet Vanilla, and White Chocolate

Solid Cocoa Butter Scrub Bars:
Now that the weather has cooled down, we were able to put our Solid Cocoa Butter Scrub Bars back into production. These bars are reformulated just a little bit from last season to make them longer lasting, better scrubbing, and with a better feel after rinse off. Solid Scrub Bars are our version of an oil salt scrub without the mess! Traditional salt and oil scrubs that require mixing are clumsy and too much work, in our opinion! These solid bars are filled with Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Salt, and more for an easy and no fuss skin treatment!

ShaBombs are back:
Add some pizzazz to your bath with Wylde Ivy ShaBombs! ShaBombs are Bath Bombs loaded with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and beautiful fragrance to turn your bath water into a silky paradise. Each giant ShaBomb is cut in half by us, so you have the choice using half a Bomb or the whole ShaBomb for your bath. We find that for most tubs, half a bomb is plenty. The ShaBombs are wrapped to help preserve fragrance. ShaBombs are approximately 6.5 to 7 ounces.

Limited Edition Deli Soap Cakes are here!:
Our newest soap project, Soap Cakes! Fiendishly sweet and foody, these soaps are shaped just like full sized bundt cakes. We slice these Soap Cakes to order, you just choose the size!

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