Monday, March 16, 2009

A Soap Marathon....

I've been running a soaping marathon....ok, so maybe it is more like a sprint! I'm in the middle of a big soap restock on my website. I have lots of soaps on my list to make. I've also be waist deep in test batches lately. I've been having fun testing lots of new scents in soap. I'm hoping to be able to release a couple of brand new soaps soon! I've even been testing some of my Custom Shop scents in Black Cat, Black Tobacco, Simple Love, Wood Nymph. It's a bit early to tell right now if the scents will be winners in my cold process soap, but so far they are looking good! Keep your fingers crossed!

Here's the list of completed soaps and their ready dates:

March 30th
Summer Fling

April 13th
Carrot and Honey Spa Soap
Nectar Spa Soap
Berry Apple Sorbet

....more will be added to the list soon!


Anonymous said...

Will these also be done in the "pure butter" or as regular bars? Hmm...don't suppose Crush or He Loves Me are on your trial list? I've loved the Valentine scents you done.


Wylde Ivy said...

Hi Holly! Yep, all the new soaps will be done in the Pure Butter formula. The only exceptions will be the Spa Bars. The Spa Bars will keep their usual formulas, since I designed those soaps for specific purposes. Soon all of the soaps in my shop will be the Pure Butter formula!

Actually, yes Crush and He Loves Me will be tested in soap. Unfortunately, I don't have high hopes for the Crush scent making it through the process. That scent has a lot of delicate vanilla notes that tend to fade or morph during the process.... though I have been surprised in the past. Keep your fingers crossed!

He Loves Me is actually a good candidate, though. I'm hopeful for that one. I think it would make a gorgeous spring and summer soap!

Thanks so much Holly!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I love the Crush scrub I got and my friend has to fight her daughter for the He Loves Me body mist. Maybe they can reach detante with a He Loves Me soap to share.

I'd ask about other scents but I have a really long list of Custom scents I love. Ah, sweetly scented addiction!