Monday, March 02, 2009

The Custom Shop is Open!

The Custom Shop is now open to accept your orders! I had planned on having the Custom Shop open for just the first week of March, like I had done in the past. I've decided to have the Custom Shop open for all of March! Now you will be able to place your orders for custom made goodies anytime this whole month.

I'm doing this as a test run. I'll see how it goes for me. If I can do it without getting too far behind (meaning having a long turnaround time) then I'll just keep the Custom Shop open permanently. If it becomes difficult to manage with maintaining the other part of my shop, my Etsy shop, and my little ladies here...then I'll go back to just having scheduled opening dates.

I'm going to put a tentative turnaround time of 12 - 20 business days. You know I always try my hardest to get orders out quicker then the posted turnaround time...but I'd rather be safe and post a longer turnaround time.

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