Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Touch of Brimstone | A Halloween Inspired Fragrance

My A Touch of Brimstone fragrance joined my Halloween exclusive Monsters in Love Halloween Collection in 2015.   It's a rich black vanilla woods spiked with nuances of spice and smoke.  It's warm and exotic, perfect for the cool fall evenings. 

The Story:
By chance she crossed his path.  By chance his eyes found hers. When the curtain fell, it fell silently.  The curtain of magic that hid him, the true him, from the world.   She saw him.  He saw  her.  In those few moments, seconds at most, she had seen him.  It was not the him that he presented to the world.  That slipped away when he looked into those deep blue bottomless pools of her eyes and the memory came flooding back.  What he used to be.  What she used to be to him.  Lifetimes ago.  They had come full circle, back again through impossible spans of time and place.  Yet here she was, face to face with a monster.  Face to face with him.  But still, she looked at him with all the knowing and and love of their past selves.  Looked into the eyes of a thing, a terrible demon, and still her gentle warmth rushed towards him.

No he could not have it.  It had doomed them before, it couldn't be.  He'd spent centuries wish mongering for filthy people as a punishment, as a sacrifice that she may be at peace.  Oh the pain of those granted wishes. What was that spell again?   What was needed for forgetting....the dust of a star, an unspoken hope, a splinter of a soul, and just a touch of brimstone.

The Fragrance:
 The sweet base of bourbon vanilla and warm musk mingled with crushed tonka beans and resinous amber, dried chapparal and sandalwood, and smoked vetiver and nutmeg.

My Monsters in Love Collection is available through Halloween.  After that, it is retired until next year.  This fragrance along with all the other monster inspired creations are available in Perfumes, Hemp and Green Tea Lotion, Body Butter Cream, Silken Body Oil, and Shea and Sugar Body Polish at both and my Etsy shop.


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool! But when I scratched my screen and took a sniff, I just got a nose full of dust. :) Oh, scratch and sniff computers... could be a billion dollar idea. :)

Wylde Ivy said...

I think you are onto something JennTeacher! :)