Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Stuck on You | A Halloween Inspired Fragrance

I'm so in love with my Stuck on You fragrance.  I love it because it is it is totally unexpected for a Halloween and monster inspired fragrance.  It is pure sweet sugary goodness.  Stuck on You is part of my Monsters in Love Limited Edition Halloween Collection. The particular monster that inspired this fragrance for me was none other than The Blob.  I imagine The Blob being pink and sticky so of coarse I had to make it a candy fragrance.

The Story:
You may not like The Blob at first. In fact, he can be downright annoying. But there is just something about his guy. He sort of grows on you after awhile. The Blob loves to cuddle, he’s a bit “touchy feely”. In fact this guy doesn’t know the meaning of the words “personal space”. While at first you may find the clinging a bit off putting, after a while you will start to relax into the arrangement. You will see that The Blob can be quite sweet once you give him a chance. He is one guy who will never stray far from you…or at least you will never stray far from him…ever.

The Scent:
Notes of: sticky, melted fruit candy, dried cotton candy, a touch of strawberries and sweet musk. Stuck on You goes on candy sweet and melts beautifully into a smooth, mellow sugar musk

My Monsters in Love Collection is available through Halloween.  After that it is retired until next year.  This fragrance along with all the other monster inspired creations are available in Perfumes, Hemp and Green Tea Lotion, Body Butter Cream, Silken Body Oil, and Shea and Sugar Body Polish at both and my Etsy shop.

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