Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Orange Blossoms and Sugar

It is such a murky rainy day today which though it is melting some of the snow and that is good, I feel like a need a little sunshine. 

That is what my Neroli Creme is for.  The lush scent of orange blossoms mixed with the divine fragrance of sweet cream.  Sunshine and sugar chases away the clouds any least the clouds in my mind.

Neroli Creme
The timeless, graceful scent of orange blossoms meets the simplicity of pure vanilla cream.

Neroli Creme is part of my Scents of the Month Collection which are fun and revolving limited edition fragrances available only for a month or two.  This month's scents are all inspired by Valentine's Day, love, chocolates, flowers, crushes, and sweets.   Neroli Creme will be in my shop through February.

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