Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Starcrossed Lovers

I can't wrap my head around the fact that it is 2016 and here we are already slipping into February and thinking about Valentine's Day.  To celebrate the month of love, I've brought back Tristan's Desire and Isolde's Wish this year.  These limited edition scents are inspired by my favorite tale of starcrossed lovers Tristan and Isolde and are in the shop through February.

Before Romeo died for his Juliet, before Lancelot deceived his King, Tristan loved Isolde. Tristan and Isolde's 12th century tale of love and tragedy has been told and retold in countless forms from poetry to operas and in many different versions. I am particularity fond of the version that has Tristan and Isolde mistakenly and unknowingly drinking a love potion and falling desperately in love while he is taking her to marry his uncle and adopted father. It is a terrible love triangle. They all care about each other, Tristan to his uncle who loves him as a son, Isolde to her husband (Tristan's uncle) because he is such a good man, and of coarse the unstoppable love between Tristan and Isolde that destroys them all.

Tristan's Story:
Tristan moved easily through the low branches and tangles of overgrown brush. He'd picked his way along this path by nothing more then the starlight many times before. He quickened pace. His feet seemed to move of their own accord now, perhaps driven by the the hope rising in his chest. Would he find her there tonight? In his mind, he could see her there now bathed in the pale light of the moon. Begrudgingly, he slowed. So close, he used caution. He moved now without a sound, carefully picking his steps. He paused at the old oak. His hands upon the callous bark he steadied his breath. A knot grew in is stomach. Why did he feel that he could not live without her? A thousand vile thoughts rushed into his head. If Isolde had chosen not to meet him, did his uncle really know...he ended those thoughts as he felt his strength begin to leave him. He had to be strong. In a quick movement that required more courage then charging into battle, he sidestepped from behind the tree and entered the clearing.

In the distance, Isolde's small figure cloaked in blue, stood beside the water. Even though the darkness enveloped her, could see the look in her eyes. He knew.

The Scent:
Tristan's scent is the comfort of the forest woods, the warmth of exotic saffron and cinnamon, a touch of dried rose petals. A treacherous tryst and undying romance, Tristan's Desire is wonderfully unisex.
Notes of: cedarwood, teak, sandalwood, faded rose petals, almond flowers, saffron, cinnamon bark, vanilla and musk.

 Isolde's Story:
The Story:
It was never easy for her. She never had power over her love that grew for Tristan. She belonged to the king. She new her place, yet some strange force took a hold of her heart along the way and it was no longer hers to control. She lived for her secret moments with Tristan. It was as if her heart only beat for him, yet it broke every time they met.

She watched the flowers sway slightly by the waters edge, their reflection danced in the water. Tristan wanted to leave with her. He was expecting an answer. He should have been waiting here already. A weight grew in her chest as she began to wonder if he would come. Panic broke through the weight when she began to question if she'd ever see him again at all. She felt her chest tighten at the thought, her eyes burned. Could she even survive without her Tristan? As she questioned this, a movement caught her eye and Tristan's form stepped into the clearing. One look from him and she knew she would never survive without him, yet she still didn't have an answer.

The Scent:
Isolde's scent is the lingering warmth of Tristan on her skin, his love which gives her hope and destroys, white flowers, moonlight, and love.
Notes of: dewy jasmine, cedar wood, sandalwood, faded rose petals, almond flowers, vanilla, saffron and musk.

Tristan and Isolde are available through February in perfumes and bath and body products.   Also available as a perfume set at the special price.

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