Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas....

...all around our shop!
I just can’t help but to sing that classic song (with some new verses by me of coarse!) as I work around the shop today. We’ve got Orange Glazed Gingerbread Soap curing nicely to the right, our new Spice Cake Soap drying to the left, and piled everywhere are our Scent of the Month products in Sweet Pumpkin Kiss! It smells so good around here, we have nose prints on the outside of our windows….”Peeping Toms”….or “Sniffing Toms”…hmmm, or it could just be my husband who is supposed to be cleaning leaves!We were a bit set back in our inventory by our last special. Have no fear, we’ve got a whole army of new soap waiting to hit the shelves…or website…early December. Be sure to stop by for all your last minute gifts and goodies!

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