Friday, February 09, 2007

Lots of News in a Small Blog Post!

We have been so busy here shipping orders and getting ready for the Spring Release that I feel like I haven't posted here in so long.

Just some news, gossip, and happenings here at Wylde Ivy:

In preparation for the release of Spring and Summer Scents, Wylde Ivy will be closed from March 1st through the 15th. We will reopen on the 16th with the debut of Spring and Summer Scents!

We've been getting asked how long our Solid Scrub Bars are going to be in production. We are going to play that one by ear, so to speak. We will keep them in production as long as the weather stays cool enough for them to hold up here at our location in Pennsylvania. I am anticipating them to be available through April.

Winter Seasonal Scents will be in production until the end of this month only. On March 1st, they will be discontinued until next fall. These scents include:
Marshmallow Gingerbread, As American as Apple Pie, Ice Princess, Winter Pear, Woodland Orchard
From our Aroma Melt Line: Cinn A Sweet, Sweet Pumpkin Kiss, Orange Glazed Gingerbread, As American As Apple Pie, Gingered Pineapple, HoneyBear, Ice Princess, Make Mine a Mocha, Winter Pear, and Vanilla Nut.

Sudz and Zoft We're are getting a lot emails asking if we will be adding new scents to our haircare line. Yes! We have it in the works now! We hope to add about five new scents to the basic Sudz and Zoft line. We are also in the process of formulating a Sudz to go with the Botanical Shine Zoft and a Rhassoul Zoft to compliment the Rhassoul and Nettle Sudz.

Unfortunately, before the launch of new products, there is always that time where we have to look back on the product line and see what scents or products we might have to let go to make room. We'll be doing this dirty deed next week, so stay tuned here for the cut list.

Black Tea Jasmine, HoneyBee Good!, and Orange Fluff Cake scents will all be in regular production throughout the summer!


Grifyn said...

Yay! I'm so excited to hear about Orange FLuff Cake returning. :)

Wylde Ivy said...

Wonderful, I'm so happy you like that scent!