Friday, December 07, 2007

Just can't seem to get any jewelry up on the site

Well I've been trying for the better half of a year to get some pieces of jewelry on the website. It seems like as soon as I have some pieces finished and ready to take pictures of, they get sold out from under me! Usually someone will see me wearing one of my own and ask me about it and if I have anything available for them to buy.

I don't make jewelry often. It is just a hobby that I like to do in my free time. I rarely have free time these days. I was playing around with my camera and took a few pictures of some of the pieces that I made while trying to get off my feet and rest as per doctor's orders.

This is a faceted garnet necklace. There are so many facets on each tiny little bead that this necklace just sparkles. This garnet has very nice red and purple tones to it. Sometimes I like to double this necklace around my wrist and were it as a bracelet. It gets a lot of attention from people when I do that because it is so unique!

This is a basic silver bead strand. It is my staple necklace right now, I always have it on. It is made from Hill Tribes Silver beads. These beads are over 99% pure silver which gives them such a white fire glow that you just can't get with sterling. The beads are so tiny and delicate, it gives the illusion of a solid silver cord when it is worn. I like to pair this one with the garnet necklace for a multi strand look.

This is a Serpentine and gold bracelet. The detail in these Serpentine beads is just amazing. I love natural gemstones for all their unique character.


Suz said...

Oh my gosh! I love these! They are so my style, simple and elegant! I'm running off to bug you via email right now about the possibility of getting a few of these for myself. Just beautiful!

S.L. said...

Lovely, I bet they look really pretty on.

Anonymous said...

Get those babies up on the site. I want!

Jean said...

Oh, make me some jewelry while you are on bedrest ;)