Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Treasury Tuesday

I've gotten so far behind on sharing the gorgeous treasuries that I've been lucky enough to be included in that I'm going to do my best to get all caught up. Warning, this will be a LONG post....long but beautiful!

For those that may not be Etsy savvy, Treasuries are beautiful collections of Etsy wares that members curate around a certain theme or color scheme. It is just a fun way to share all the beautiful, unique, and wonderful handmade goodies that can be found on Etsy. If you are very new to Etsy, you can check out the Help section for answers to all of your questions (and possibly set up your own account to buy and sell!). Support Handmade!

Mares Eat Oats and Does Eat Oats and Little Lambs Eat Ivy
Oh that title brings back the childhood memories! I love this treasury curated by Shabdkmaui

Oh My Sweet Darlin Happiness
A gorgeous, graceful, and fresh treasury by StudioSeventyFive, Oh My Sweet Darlin Happiness does indeed make me happy.

Pure Zen
This treasury, Pure Zen, is the picturesque embodiment of my fragrance Modern Zen! I'm so excited that capturingcreativity featured it in her treasury!

Like Butter
Smooth, creamy, and lavish, Like Butter makes me want to sit down and make up a batch of homemade butter (yes I have made butter!). Another wonderful treasury, this one curated by ArtbyAmarose

Fashionably Late
For a vintage/steampunk/Alice themed treasury, you have Fashionably Late curated by lilianasterfield

Orange and Yellow Autumn Ideas
Orange you glad? I am...more of my favorite colors! Orange and Yellow Autumn Ideas certainly sums it up. A fun treasury by GarbogeKnits

Football Widow
Football Widow is a fun treasury by megmcd423. I love the four seperate lines of colors...very cool!

It's Springtime Down Under!
...and that is the sound of my heart shattering into a million pieces. Oh spring, how I'll miss you while we are buried in feet of snow here in PA. Does anyone in Australia want a roommate until about mid April? I can cook...and I smell good! It's Springtime Down Under! is an ode to the newly budding spring season for our friends who "come from a land down under" (yeah, try not to get that song stuck in your head cause I know I'll be singing it all night now). A stunning treasury by jackiedretroboutique

Olive You
Green, green, and more green...the beauty of olive! Curated by bombshellbettiesvint. If you love the color green, of the olive variety, be sure to check out Olive You!

Autumn Romance
I love the bold colors of Autumn Romance. Fall in love this fall with this treasury by thesedefineme.

Quite Contemplation
I love the subtly and minimal style of Quiet Contemplation. It was curated by PianoBenchDesigns.

Autumn Crave
The trees of Pennslyvania are starting to look like the colors of Autumn Crave. In another week or two, we'll be living in a wash of golden ambers and firey reds. Sudsysoapscents very first treausry!

Memories of the Pacific
I've never been to the pacific, but the vintagy feel of Memories of the Pacific remind me of the old beach towns here on the east coast like Cape May, Atlantic City, and Coney Island. So full of history, you can almost hear the sounds of summer past. Gorgeous treasury by ScrappyLlama

My Darling Clementine
Here we go with more of my favorite color, orange. Ah it makes me happy! My Darling Clementine, curated by tjscorner!

Goodnight Moon
Goodnight Moon, I can't help but think of the children's book of the same name...a favorite in this house and dear to me. The first treasury by WillowMetals, and a gorgeous one at that!

Saffron : Amber : Citrine
Well the title pretty much says it all, saffron : amber : citrine is all about the earthy jewel tones of autumn. Beautiful treasury curated by apt3design
Leaves of Grass
Right from the warm rich colors of autumn, to the cool greens of spring. Leaves of grass is a gorgeous treasury designed by blackcatcraft

What Makes it so Fresh
I love this collection. What makes it so fresh is vintage and refreshing at the same time. A lovely treasury by efiwarsh

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