Monday, November 22, 2010

Organizational Boot Camp and Holiday Preparedness

Day two of my little organizational and preparedness week here at Wylde Ivy is going well. I had some ideas to improve the work flow in my shop and office that I've been meaning to implement forever. My husband's work schedule has changed, drastically, which as thrown a wrench into a well oiled family schedule. I knew it was going to be hard getting used to a new routine, especially when we really liked the second shift hours that he was working. Second shift usually stinks, but for us right now, it worked. His new schedule eats into my shop time even more. I was cramming so much work into an already shortened work week (shortened by choice so I could spend time with my girls). On the bright side I get to spend even more time with the girls now. It is just going to take some time to get a handle on our new routine. Hopefully the changes I'm making now will allow me to be more efficient in both production and packing.

I have a ton of new soaps ready to go. I have almost all of them trimmed and packaged. I do have a few brand new soaps that I have to come up with names for, take pictures, do label design. More on those when I nail down names. Hopefully tomorrow I can post the full list.

In the meantime, here's a little peek of a brand new soap. Can anyone guess what scent it is? I'll give you a is a scent from my current scent list. Leave me a comment below with your guess. Please just guess once here on the blog, but you can make an additional guesses on my facebook page and via twitter! I'll throw all the correct guesses into a drawing and the winner will receive a coupon for a free bar (of you choice) with your next order. I'll come back on the 26th to announce the scent.


Sharn said...

My guess would be gingered vanille!

Sharn xo

Jill said...

could it be Black Tobacco? I'm just using up my last slivers...

Anonymous said...

My guess is Raven's Keep.