Monday, August 01, 2011

I'm not missing, I'm just some shop talk

Hey all! I just wanted to pop in quick and say hi. I can't believe the last time I was here was in May. I knew the summer was going to go quick this year but, yet again, here I am wondering how on earth it is August already. I should have put it into writing that I was going to be taking a break from the internet for the summer....well as much of a break as I can while still running and online business. I've been trying to spend less time online this summer....less blogging, less facebook, less twitter. I've been saving up all those tiny moments stolen by the internet to get outside for a walk or even just sit on the couch and just watch tv with my girls (something I never give myself the luxury of doing).

There is only one month of summer left, one more beach vacation for my family, one last farewell to the summer solstice. In September, I'll be getting back into my usual routine around here.

Though I've been trying to keep myself unplugged as much as possible, I'm still logging in shop time planning my fall and winter line, getting soaps ready to be restocked, and trying to lure the "Monsters" out of hiding.

This year I plan to release my fall and winter scents as well as retire my spring and summer scents in the middle of September. I am working on a list of retiring scents now, which will be posted shortly. I'm just dragging it out and agonizing endlessly over the cut list. The Monsters in Love Collection will also be available starting mid September too!

I have a small soap restock coming in a few days with a larger one to follow next month. Up for release this month are Blackberry Cotton Candy, White Lavender, Unscented Castile Milk Soap, and Sweet Oat. I have a new and gorgeous Almond Meal and Oatmeal soap that is ready to go too. I haven't decided if I'll release that one this month or wait until the big release next month. Thoughts anyone?

Just a quick little reminder that I'll be closed August 18 - September 1st....toiling away over freshly made soaps and vials of newly created scents. That for me is pure love!

Oh yeah, and I'll also be out walking.

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